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My Favorite Contouring Kit

marylaurenI used to think that contouring was only for celebrities and profession make-up artists. But over the past few years it is becoming more mainstream and easier to achieve. (I have been sucked down the Instagram make-up video rabbit hole too many times… I have seen chests contoured, arms contoured, even feet. Seriously… WHY do you need contoured FEET? But its there if you want to find it.)

Even I, someone who is pretty low maintenance, can contour as part of my daily make-up routine, adding dimension and depth to my face. And I just have to say it makes SUCH a difference… especially in photos. I put myself in front of the camera far too often. HA! But by using Maskcara’s contouring kit, I’m able to achieve that put together, high cheekbone look without too much fuss.
Maskcara Makeup

Maskcara makes the process so simple. When you visit their website, you are able to choose four shades to match your skin tone. They have a color finder section showing photos of real women to give you an idea of which color palette you would use. You can go with their prebuilt palettes or create one all your own with their custom palette option.
compacts 2

Their facial diagram is what helped me the most. Before using Maskcara, I had tinkered with contouring a bit with a grocery store contour stick which was basically a dark creme stick. I would apply under my cheekbones and that’s about it. But if you want to create that full 3d look, this diagram will help in achieving that look! Especially great for beginners.Maskcara Makeup



They have so many gorgeous shades to choose from, you can’t really go wrong. In my tutorial video I was using:

  1. Stone Contour
  2. White Peach Highlighter
  3. Pink Grapefruit Blush
  4. Pearl Illuminator

Along with my Maskcara custom palette, I used the Vanilla Dust Setting Powder… But I am also really loving the Baby Watermelon Blush, the Walnut Contour and the Rose Gold Illuminator.

Along side Maskara Beauty’s contour kit, I used: Benefit’s Brow Zings and Loreal Voluminous mascara. I’ve used this mascara forever… its awesome for mascara layering without clumping, making it look like you have more lashes than you do. 🙂

And I just need to say… watching the video back, I am so monotone!! I promise I am happy. HA! It’s all business when it comes to this stuff, apparently. 🙂

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