A Gunn Family Affair // Ventura, CA

There is such a stigma that goes along with the “in-laws”… and “my husband’s family…” but in my case, I think I got dealt a pretty great hand. Like really great. So great, I might venture to say the best. We spent a few days together in Ventura after celebrating a beautiful little boy and his baby blessing. It was lovely and very “pleasant” as my father-in-law would put it. 

We jump roped with seaweed, ate too many gummy bears, chatted around a monster of a bonfire, devoured an entire bottle of squeeze cheese in a matter of minutes, paddle boarded, surfed, biked, walked, chased so many toddlers and let me tell ya, it was pretty great. Really great. So great I think we should go back next week. Whaddya say guys?! :)

Now keep scrollin’ if you’re feeling like seeing way way way way too many photos of us.

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Wall Hanging DIY + Real Life Pinspiration

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Pinterest is cool n’ all… but sometimes it just feels good to get out from behind a screen and away from the virtual pin board. To cut real paper with real scissors and pin real pins into a real board. It’s kind of like reading a real life book with real pages that smell like an old library as opposed to swiping your finger across glass to turn the page. It just FEELS better.

So I decided to get back to my collaging roots. I used to be a big collager in middle school… we’re talking expert status. Binders, notebooks, lockers… you name it, I collaged it. This here is peanuts and a sad excuse for a collage if you ask me. But I only had nap time and how long I have until he wakes up is like a ticking time bomb. So I’ll take what I can get.

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Inspired by the tiny gold jewels, loose fitting boho-wear, braids and white-white-white. 
Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere BlogAlso, if you are looking for a SUPER SIMPLE diy project to make a statement, this wall piece is your gal. All you need is yarn, a stick. Bam. That’s ALL.

1. Cut your yarn to double the length you want it to hang.

2. Take the end of each piece and put them together so you are doubling up your yarn.

3. Hold the looped end and take it over the front of the piece of wood, around the back and pull the loose ends through loop. Pull snug. “Knot” should be in front.

4. When finished, cut the bottom in any shape you like. Viola! Easy Peasy.

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If you decide to make one, or already have, I’d love to see the finished product! Tag me in your Instagram photos so I can see! :)

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Fresh Spring Rolls with The Butter Half Blog

The Butter Half + Headed Somewhere BlogIf you’re a foodie like I am, or maybe you just like photos of pretty food… You need to get your “buns” on over to the punniest food blog on the web. See what I did there? 😉 My good friend Abbey, who also runs a lifestyle blog called Along Abbey Road, has broadened her horizons into the food biz… because her amazing recipes and food photos deserve their own blog… universe, really… but blog will do. Guys. I’m obsessed. Seriously.

These shrimp spring rolls look absolutely divine, and perfect for a hot summer day. Plus! They are doable, yet impressive. Have your friends over for lunch! They are sure to think you are pretty fancy schmancy.

The Butter Half + Headed Somewhere BlogPrep time: 15 minutes

Yield: 2 fresh summer rolls


4 round rice paper wrappers

6 large cooked shrimp, peeled and deveined

1 small bunch lacinato kale

1 small bunch basil (green and purple)

1 small radish, sliced

1/4 cup cucumbers, julienned

2 tablespoons sweet chili sauce

The Butter Half + Headed Somewhere BlogInstructions:

1. Fill a large bowl with warm water, about 1 inch deep. Put together 2 rice paper wrappers and gently immerse them in water. Lay them flat on a clean surface.

2. Place 2-3 leaves of lacinato kale on the top 1/3 edge of the rice paper wrappers. Pile on 5-6 basil leaves, cucumbers, radishes, and 3 large shrimp on top of the kale. Make sure to keep about 1-2 inches of space on each side so they can be folded in.

3. Gently pull the edge of the wrapper and tuck it over the filling, rolling away from you. Next, fold in the sides so the filling is enclosed and they are “closed end” rolls. Continue to roll the wrapper away from you, pulling and tucking tightly until it is completely rolled. Repeat steps 1-3 for the second roll.

4. Serve with sweet chili sauce or peanut sauce and enjoy!

The Butter Half + Headed Somewhere Blog The Butter Half + Headed Somewhere BlogBe sure to check out The Butter Half Blog + follow along on Instagram!

Blog: http://www.thebutterhalf.com/
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The Dishes

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I have a strange feeling of pride at the end of the day when I have a sink full of dishes. It means I’ve spent my day trying to keep this little guy full and happy. It means most of the day was spent on the floor, reading books, playing outside, and there was just not one minute to mess with dishes. Most likely, a full sink means I actually got around to making dinner, that I planned something out and followed through with a meal. It probably was not great, I’ll tell ya that. But it was made nonetheless. It means I am probably exhausted and do not want to, for one minute, think about doing these dishes. But the pride is there… The feeling of accomplishment is there, so tomorrow, I hope for another pile of dishes in my sink.

Tijuana por un dia.

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On a whim, we decided we just had to go to Mexico for the day. Maybe we were experiencing some itch for adventure, maybe we were going a little stir crazy or maybe the smell of fresh carne asada street tacos was making its way up to our house and calling our names. Whatever the reason, we ended up in Tijuana last Saturday and things got a little out of hand.

The thunder that morning woke us up, but we didn’t let it stop us. We drove down without mentioning the rain with true convictions that the rain would not be an issue. It was kind of an issue.

We drove around the city for about an hour, making circles on the freeways, lots of u-turns while Clay and I shot back and forth to each other about why we were going the wrong direction yet again. Was it his driving? Was it because he couldn’t follow directions? Or was it because I am a terrible navigator? We finally agreed to disagree about who was at fault and Clay lightened the mood by stating we would be terrible partners on the amazing race trying to navigate around foreign countries with one million dollars at stake. 100% true.

We finally made it to the downtown Revolucion street, wandered the vendor’s shops, ate tacos to our hearts content, splashed around in puddles, Clay made small talk with the locals, (I think he was in heaven being able to use his Spanish), and I preyed on all of the Mexican blankets, woven rugs and turquoise jewelry! Heavens, good stuff.

We made our way, (again with the directions… yikes…) to Playas de Tijuana where they had live music, a couple clowns on a stage performing, fresh coconuts, more tacos, and the best mangoes with chili and lime I had ever tasted. Seriously, why is not a thing in the US?! It needs to be.

Sounds nuts, but I think one of my favorite parts of the trip was waiting in line to cross the border back into the US. Seriously, it was an event in itself. There were vendors EVERYWHERE taking advantage of the sea of customers that literally cannot move. So they knocked on our window asking if we wanted to buy basically anything and everything. And we did. We bought churros, pinacoco ice cream, a mexican blanket, and some gum. I passed on the giant piñatas, Mary statues, and the chihuahua puppy. Seriously. Someone was trying to sell my a tiny chihuahua puppy. That is my greatest weakness, so hard for me to say no. I hope it found a good home.

All in all, it was a great day. We got home late, exhausted and Clay is already talking about the next time we’ll go back.  Thanks TJ, you were great to us.Headed Somewhere BlogHeaded Somewhere BlogHeaded Somewhere Blog

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The greatest leggings to ever grace your gams. Seriously.

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I fall under the category of people who believe leggings are not pants. But the problem is I also fall under the category of people who wear leggings 74% of the time… As pants.

Let’s just say I’m on the fence but err on the side of being comfortable. Some days I just can’t muster the energy to squeeze on my tight denim, especially when so much of the day is spent on the floor with my little guy.

So to deal with this very important legging debacle, I’ve created fool proof style rules on how to wear leggings. And I’ve got to preface by saying they need to be the RIGHT leggings. Luckily for you, I’ve already done the grunt work and found the perfect pair for ANYONE. Swear. Promise. Pinky promise. You’ll love them.

Here are a few rules legging lovers must follow:
1. Your top MUST cover your bum bum. Mid thigh is usually what I shoot for. But please, at LEAST cover that tush.
2. Your leggings (or pants, yes pants) are preeeetty tight. So keep things a little looser up top. Tight on top and tight on bottom can start lookin’ a little unflattering and bodysuit-esque.
3. Get the right legging with the right fit. Not too tight, especially around that “love handle” area. This legging by Matty M is amazing. They are my go-to. They sit higher on the waist and have a really wide band on top to hold it all in and smooth everything out. No muffin top here!

Headed Somewhere Blog

5 reasons you NEED these leggings:

1. They sit high on the waist with a wide band, they’ll tuck any and all love handles right in there.

2. Super stretchy material, but not the type that will stretch out and become baggy.

3. Thick and tight, forgiving material.

4. Made by Matty M, one my favorites.

4. They are $6.97 at Costco. WHAT?! Not even kidding. The best leggings of your life are $6.97.
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beach demos & belly laughs

Headed Somewhere BlogMy husband Clay runs a little surf company on the side of his everyday accounting job. It keeps him entertained, he loves it and maybe someday it won’t be a “side gig” anymore, but turn into something bigger! Who knows. 

Last night we had to go to the beach to let a customer demo one of his boards. We had never done a demo and I felt we were going out of our way for a guys who was actually very rude on the phone. But Clay, being the nice guy he is, was so accommodating to him in EVERY way. I was so annoyed we had to spend our evening here. I was annoyed because I had made plans in my head and our evening wasn’t going to go exactly as I had imagined.

Wait. I was seriously ANNOYED?! I pouted and didn’t want to go HERE?! What is wrong with me…?

I should have felt lucky that I was able to spend the evening with my family on a beautiful beach at sunset. (Turns our demo-ing a board means letting the guy paddle around for a few minutes while we hang out on the beach.) As I was running around the sand with Ezra and watching Clay make him laugh harder than I have ever heard him laugh, time seemed to slow down and I DID feel lucky. Nothing else seemed important. I was grateful and happy to be where I was at that moment. All of the plans I had in my head didn’t seem important. All the errands I needed to run could wait another day because these two guys are my world and they’re all that really matter in the end.Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere BlogHeaded Somewhere Blog

Silk Sheet Dreamin’ + The Beauty Pillowcase

Silk Sheets

As a kid I always had this thing with red silk sheets. I can’t really pinpoint where it came from. I have vague memories of a scene in Home Alone where Macaulay Culkin wakes up in his parent’s bed in a red silk robe and red silk sheets…? Perhaps this is where the obsession began. I remember researching to purchase silk sheets with my own money when I was very young. This is in the dial-up era where each web page would take 5 minutes to upload. The research was strenuous and tedious, didn’t get very far. I never, in my life have attained these silk sheets.

Okay, so here I am, 27 years old and they’re still on my mind. I think I may finally pull the trigger. In my research, I have found that silk is one of the earliest inventions in Chinese history.  Silk has been produced from the prehistoric civilization period, still today it is one of the most beautiful, the most environmentally friendly materials.

Headed Somewhere - OOSILK100% Pure Silk bedding is becoming increasingly popular, due to its positive impact on people’s skin! Can you imagine!? Having a pillowcase or set of sheets that was actually doing something great for your skin while you slept?! 

The silk pillowcase is a so-called “beauty pillowcase”. More than 97% of the silk made of animal protein that contains eighteen kinds of amino acids necessary to the human body to maintain clean skin and increase skin cell vitality. Silk is different from cotton and chemical fiber; the chemical structure of silk is very similar to human skin, so it has a great effect on nourishing and protecting the skin. Using 100% natural silk as raw materials of a silk bed feels very soft, cool, and it will in every possible way caress your skin and keep your face and body silky smooth. It also can keep the hair soft. Silk attached on the skin by contact friction has many beneficial effects to human skin–moisturizing, anti-aging, preventing hardening of the arteries, promoting wound healing, assisting decreased white blood cells, and other special functions. Silk is incredible. Who knew, as a kid, I was really on to something.

Headed Somewhere - OOSILK

OOSilk is a silk home textile brand selling luxury silk bedding. The silk pillowcase from OOSilk can give you a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Their products are made with 100% Grade A mulberry silk, which has the highest quality among all kinds of silk. All of the products are certified to OEKO-Tex Standard 100. 19 mm Silk Housewife Pillowcase in pure silk is the most sumptuous pillowcase available anywhere, machine washable, no zipper, chemical-free. I am kind of obsessed with the white silk duvet, soooo luxurious.

So there you have it. I’ve done the research for you. Silk sheets that will turn my childhood dreams into a reality and do my adult self a whole lot of good in the beauty department. 

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Gray Monday & Cherry Mint Tea

Headed Somewhere Blog - Cherry Mint Tea Headed Somewhere Blog - Cherry Mint Tea Headed Somewhere Blog - Cherry Mint Tea Headed Somewhere Blog - Cherry Mint TeaI feel sorry for Mondays. I feel like Monday just got dealt a bad hand. I’ll bet you Monday even hates being Monday. Maybe we should cut Monday a break… I dunno.

My baby is sleeping and my little mint plant is growing wild. It is only 10:30 a.m., I can’t really believe I have this morning to myself! As soon as his little eyes closed, I rushed to the kitchen, pulled off a few stems from my plant, rolled it up in my hands to release it’s amazing aroma and put it in the teapot. I let it boil and steep with 5 cut up ripe cherries for a good 10 minutes or so… my kitchen still smells absolutely amazing.

Meal planning, running errands and working the rest of the day. So taking just a tiny bit of a breather before little one awakes. Maybe Mondays aren’t so bad…

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