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    Perfect Spring Snacking with Wonderful Halos Mandarins

    Location: D Street Beach

    We have got our beach days down to a science. The toys, “beach pillows”, blankets, sunscreen and most importantly, the FOOD. You can’t have a good spring beach day without good food! Our staples are bread, hummus, crackers, cheese, veggies and about a million Wonderful Halos Mandarins!!! Seriously, I just bring the whole bunch. And you can betcha they’ll be gone by the day’s end! Perfect for sharing and THE best juicy snack on a warm spring day!
    Now, these things are magic. We call them the “Magical Disappearing Mandarins” because I cannot keep them around! Yes, I am one of the main culprits… but we’ve all got quick hands when Halos are around! They’re loved by everyone in the fam! And here’s the thing… you can’t just eat one. 2-4 in one sitting is acceptable. 😂 You can also find Halos in just about every bag, purse, nook and cranny… because I grab Wonderful Halos Mandarins just about every time I leave the house, for a work day, to the beach, park, gym, anywhere! (just in case of emergency.)
    I also love that they are super sweet, juicy, SEEDLESS, and Ez can peel them all by himself! He is always so proud of himself. So adorable. 🙂 They are the perfect healthy snack for those kiddos… because we all know keeping kids healthy and happy at snack time can be a major struggle most days. Let’s make our lives a little easier and pick something this spring everyone will love! Thanks for being perfect, Halos! We love you!
    Check out for info on where to buy, videos and fun games for the kids! 🙂

    *this post was sponsored by Wonderful Halos Mandarins
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    A Weekend Getaway – Alisal Guest Ranch

    A Weekend Getaway - Alisal Guest Ranch from Lauren on Vimeo.

    Location: Alisal Guest Ranch, Solvang, California

    It felt incredible to get away. And to be quite honest, for the first few hours after realizing I wouldn’t have cell reception, I panicked just a litttttttle bit. But it didn’t take long for me to decompress, to step back and tuck all electronics away for the weekend. It felt so nice and rejuvenating! Now, I must say, this isn’t absolutely necessary. We didn’t have cell reception, but there is wifi on the property… but our little cabin was too far for it to be reached and I didn’t search much further than that. An excuse to disconnect was needed. 🙂

    Alisal Guest Ranch exceeded all expectations and beyond. Every person we talked with was INCREDIBLE welcoming and sweet. At the registration desk, every waiter we had, especially the man who helped Ezra fish for the first time… they all took so much interest and were very attentive.

    When I initially planned this little weekend getaway, I had a lot on our itinerary. I wanted to explore downtown Santa Barbara, walk the town of Solvang (which we stopped by for a couple of minutes on our way out), maybe go to the beach for a bit… but our time was so short and once we got there we absolutely didn’t want to leave! It’s like we entered our own dimension where nothing but our little family mattered. We just played, ate, made fires together, talked, chased, fished and just spent time TOGETHER. All other plans went out the window. And when the ranch includes every meal *and gourmet waited meals at that*, it didn’t make it hard for us to stick around. Everything you need for a comfortable stay is on the property.

    Sidenote: All the bedding and a lot of the decor is Pendleton. If you know me, you know how much I love Pendleton Wool! The decor was super cozy with a glamping vibe.

    I was told that the water in the lake isn’t usually brown, but after so many storms this winter it has decreased visibility. Would love to come back in the summer to see its beautiful blue water!

    I can’t recommend this place more. I hope to return soon! I can’t imagine how beautiful this place is in the summer. So much to love, thank you so much Alisal Guest Ranch for having us! We had the best time. 🙂

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    Comfy Spring Look + The Lady Bag

    Location: Encinitas, CA

    We took a little walk in Encinitas, California today and I couldn’t help but be SOOOO excited about Spring! I know it is still a little early in the season…. we are still having a few “cold” days here and there, (okay, all you snow covered dwellers… apologies here, I know I don’t know what cold it… HA!!) but it’s right around the corner! We found the perfect patch of Spring complete with falling blossoms and an orange tree on our walk so yes, I had to take about 179 photos. It was just the prettiest little spot! Now let’s talk about this bag that I am obsessing over (and a DISCOUNT CODE) to use on one for yourself!

    @theladybaglv  is THE go to place if you are a fan of Louis Vuitton. She sells pre-owned and vintage authentic LV bags… I had so many favorites it was so hard to choose! The quality of the one I received was just about perfect! It’ll be one of my favorite classic pieces forever. THANKS The Lady Bag!! Use code Mary15 for 15% your entire purchase on The Lady Bag. 🙂

    1 // Louis Vuitton 4185 Montsouris Gm  2 // Louis Vuitton Monceau With Strap  3 // Louis Vuitton 4154 Saint Cloud Gm  4 // Louis Vuitton Noe Gm


    Happy Shopping! And again, you can use code Mary15 for 15% your entire purchase on The Lady Bag. 🙂

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