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    Swoon: Modern 80’s Bohemian Styled Wedding Shoot

    Location: San Elijo Hills, California

    Reality + Retrospect I am having some serious “I really want to go back in time and re-do my wedding and wear this dress and jewels and have my flowers like this and maybe get married in that field” thoughts. I am dyyyying over all these tiny details that Reality and Retrospect put together! She asked me a few weeks ago if she could borrow some of the jewelry pieces we are carrying in our new Sugarhouse Supply store and of course, immediately I say yes. Because I know the magic and beauty this girl is capable of. I mean, seriously?! Is everyone else going crazy over these images?

    The flowers, the invitations, the jewel tone colors… okay I’m done. Keep scrolling and see for yourself. 🙂 Couldn’t be more in love with the way she captured our jewels.
    Reality + Retrospect

    White Topaz + Diamond Rose Gold RingReality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect

    Moon Stone + White Topaz Ring – Sugarhouse Supply Co.Reality + Retrospect

    Labradorite + Diamond Hexagon Earrings

    Reality + Retrospect

    Labradorite + Diamond Rose Gold Open Ring

    Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect

    Facet Gold Filled Bands
    Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect

    Turquoise + Gold Ring
    Reality + Retrospect

    The shoot was also featured yesterday on 100 Layer Cake!


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    Big Sur + San Francisco

    Location: Big Sur, California

    This has always been on my bucket list. Driving up the coast through Big Sur, all the way up to San Francisco. It is about an 8.5 hours drive from us. Not terrible… but to be honest I didn’t think it was something we would be doing anytime soon with a two year old in tow. But when a last minute opportunity came our way and an awesome rental fell in our lap, we couldn’t say no!

    So with only a couple of days to plan, we invited some friends Dave and Andra (@lyladawnapparel) along, packed our bags and headed up the coast. It was everything I had imagined. So beautiful. Did not disappoint. There were moments of crazy in the car yes… moments of crazy sightseeing yes… HA! But it was all worth it and I would do it all over again if I could!



    Sparkling Flower Petal Popsicles

    Location: Summer

    Headed Somewhere Blog + The Butter Half

    Looking for a pretty treat to make for a bridal or baby shower? (Or maybe you just want to make yourself something girly and fancy for yourself!) Try these super easy lemon lime edible flower popsicles. There are only two ingredients, and they taste as refreshing as they look!

    My first question was “can you really eat flowers”?! I guess I am pretty late to the flower eating game… but the answer is yes! My second question: where do I even find edible flowers? So I used trusty old  google and found a few websites… they’re actually not hard to find at all! Check here.
    Lemon Lime Edible Flower Popsicles
    Prep time: 5 minutes
    Freeze time: 6 hours or overnight
    Yields: 10 popsicles

    1 liter lemon lime soda

    1 package edible flowers

    Popsicle mold and sticks



    1. Place 2-3 edible flowers in each mold. Try to lodge them in-between the sides of the mold so they stay in place when soda is added.

    2. Fill each mold with soda up to the top line. Allow the carbonation to settle, and top off as needed.

    3. Insert popsicle sticks and freeze for at least 6 hours, or overnight. When ready to remove popsicles, run warm water over the mold for about 30 seconds, then pull straight up to ensure a clean mold. Serve immediately and enjoy!

    Headed Somewhere Blog + The Butter Half Headed Somewhere Blog + The Butter Half

    Check out The Butter Half, the world’s punniest food blog. Gorgeous photos and yummmmmy treats/eats. You can also follow along on InstagramSnapchatFacebook, and Pinterest… she also has a new shop for punny food tees and totes! I just bought the “Let’s Avocuddle” tee and I can’t wear it without Clay asking me if i want to avocuddle like 178 times. Worth it. HA!

    A Night Out + A Must Have Summer Dress

    Location: Oceanside, California

    Last night someone stopped me at In N Out Burger and asked me where I got my dress. I almost jumped into her arms, I was so excited to tell her “MY FRIEND MADE IT!!!! SHE IS SO TALENTED, YOU NEED IT, YOU SHOULD BUY IT! ITS MY FAVORITE THING EVER!” So, girl at In N Out, if you are reading this… HEY AGAIN! (And it’s a good chance she is because I told her to get on Insta for a discount code. HAHA!)

    I know I know I have said it a million times, but I really have the most talented friends. I am so inspired by them following their dreams… Andra with Lyla Dawn Apparel is one of them. She picked up sewing about a year ago and has seriously perfected it. She makes all her own patterns and makes the cutest pieces. This dress is no exception. Her “skirts only” business has blossomed into dresses as well. And I think this is my favorite dress ever. Maybe because I helped design it… but mostly because the material is stretchy, comfy, and the pleats hide any tummy… it’s a no sucking in after dinner + ice cream kinda dress. Which is really the only kind I like.

    AND GUYS. It’s also available in a cap sleeve and a little longer length. Perfect for everyone!

    Take $10 off with code MARYLAUREN10 and go check out her other pieces! And go out there mamas!! Do something crazy! Live your passion! Life is too short to do otherwise. 🙂

    Take $10 off with code MARYLAUREN10 , I’d love to know what you think! Happy weekend friends!headedsomewhere signature


    Annmarie D’ercole + Sugarhouse Supply

    Location: Del Mar, California

    If you know me well, you know I have a slight (okay, major) obsession with jewelry. More specifically, tiny gold jewels and delicate pieces. I love layering and stacking necklaces and rings… always have. I remember as a child, I would go to my piano lessons wearing all the rings I had collected from gum ball machines, Claire’s jewelry shop and my sister’s hand-me-downs. My grandmother (also my piano teacher), would reprimand me because my rings would clink together while I played. It drove her absolutely crazy. Awww, fond memories. HA!

    Clayton and I visited Del Mar a little over a year ago and I stumbled upon a little shop next to the water. The designer’s name is Annmarie D’ercole and I instantly fell in love with her jewelry. Her pieces are simple and delicate, totally wearable for everyday. The first thing that caught my eye was her gold bull head necklace with tiny diamonds on the horns. I was so inspired by her style and the face that everything is designed by her and made in the U.S.! Truly, she is one of the reasons we began thinking about Sugarhouse Supply.

    Fast forward about ten months and we moseyed back into her shop. I knew I wanted to collaborate with her in some capacity so I reached out to her. I am so so excited we will be carrying some of my favorite Annmarie D’ercole jewelry pieces in Sugarhouse Supply! Kind of a dream.
    Annmarie D'ercole

    Annmarie D'ercole

    Annmarie D'ercole

    Annmarie D'ercole

    Annmarie D'ercolePictured: Girl Bonehead Ring, Gold Bull Skull Studs, Lotus Flower Necklace, Rose Gold Bar + Black Diamonds (Bonehead ring and Bull Head studs also available in Sterling Silver.)

    Annmarie D'ercole

    Annmarie D'ercole

    Pictured: Good Luck Horseshoe Ring White Gold + Black Diamond, Gold + Diamond Bull Skull Necklace, Seven Bezel Diamond Ring, Three Turquoise Pebble Bracelet

    Annmarie D'ercole

    Annmarie D'ercole

    Annmarie D'ercole


    Annmarie D'ercole

    As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned the value of fine jewelry. I spent so many years binge purchasing “cheap” jewelry that just ended up in the trash can. Over the past couple years, I’ve accumulated a few amazing pieces, this gold + diamond bull head and tiny diamond pinky ring are a couple of my newest favorites that I wear daily… pieces that I will have forever and will hopefully pass on to my children one day.

    All pieces are designed by Annmarie herself and made in LA. Check out her website for some simple, everyday, timeless pieces and guys, we are launching on WEDNESDAY!!! I cannot wait, check out Sugarhouse Supply on Wednesday to view all my favorite Annmarie D’ercole picks and so much more. 🙂

    headedsomewhere signature

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    Father’s Day Gifting with Brahmin

    headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin Every year I am completely stumped on what to get Clay for Father’s Day. I am over getting him socks + snacks, that’s my go-to every year… and I’ll tell ya… I’m sure he’s over it too. HA! He does so much for our family every single day. He is a star of a father, and excellent husband, (seriously, he takes care of the laundry, dishes, takes over the parenting when I need a break…) he truly is the whole package. I got so lucky the day he swooped me off my feet at a summer concert with his eloquent words… “hey, hey you! come here.” HAHAHA. But I did… I walked over and sat next to him on that bench… and the rest is history. So glad I did. 🙂

    The day Clay became a father was one of epic proportions. See our home birth story if you need a refresher. He sat next to me, holding my hand, physically holding me up, and then he held our tiny baby and my heart melted. Never seen him happier.

    This year, I thought he deserved something nice for all the hard work he puts into making our family comfortable. He carries all of his little things to work with him everyday… his laptop, charger, phone, keys, notebooks, all just in a big lumped pile. So Brahmin helped me pick something that would make his life just a tiny bit easier (and organized). Their bags are buttery soft, such great quality, and the Beckett Kensington, the one I decided for Clay, has so many interior fun organization pockets. Yes, fun. HA!
    headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin
    headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin headed somewhere blog - marylauren - brahmin


    He opened it a little early and on the mornings where Ezra is awake when he leaves, he helps load it up with all his books that he insists Daddy takes to work with him. He’ll carry a little extra weight just to make his little guy feel like he is “sharing”. 🙂 He really does deserve the best.

    Love you, darlin… Happy Father’s Day!

    Post sponsored by Brahmin.headedsomewhere signature