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    D I Y Mid Century Wall Shelving Unit

    Location: h o m e

    Space has always been an issue in this home. We have had so many pieces of furniture come and go in the short 2.5 years we have lived here. We buy a sofa or dresser we feel is small… but when we get it into these little rooms, they seem HUGE! I was searching for some small space inspiration because I wanted this little 14×14 room to be so many things! I wanted a desk area, a dining table and room for Ezzy to still be able to play with his toys. Impossible? I thought so…

    So I started on Pinterest, of course, and came across a gorgeous wall unit on by Dabito, an interior and graphic designer. I totally fell in love with his space, his eye for design and also his amazing mid century inspired wall unit he had put together. The one he made was a little larger but I felt it would be so perfect for our little room if we could scale it a little bit.

    Next day, we took down all the measurements and headed to Home Depot for supplies. It wasn’t a hard process, but pretty time consuming.

    We found all the wood in the store and had it cut there according to our measurements, picked out the hardware (again, according to our measurements), grabbed some walnut stain + gold metallic spray paint, wall anchors and that about did it!

    Click here for under-shelf brackets.

    Click here for upright brackets

    Watch the video on my Instagram account to get a feel for how its done and I am sure you can do it too if you love it! 🙂 All in all, it can be done in one day if you paint/stain in the morning.

    See the inspiration, one of my newest favorite blogs, and where we found the idea here! 

    Most knick knacks I already had around the house, but picked up a few new little things to fill the space. Check them out below! 🙂

    S H O P   M Y   F A V O R I T E S


    The White Rug Saga + Keeping’ it Clean

    Location: Home Sweet Home

     There is always one room in the house that becomes the “catch all” room. That one room that is neglected, that gets all the “unwanteds” and that you are just a little bit embarrassed by. This was THAT room. But we decided recently that with such a small house, and this room being about 1/3 of our total home… we should probably change that.

    We recently decided to give our little room a makeover and the first thing we did was choose new rugs. These two immediately drew my eye and I have always loved the idea of rug layering. The only thing: this is a WHITE rug. Yes, another *much avoided until now* white rug.

    Here is the story of our LAST white rug.

    Day 1: Our new babysitter brings a cup of coffee on her first day in our new home. Spills said coffee. Blames it on the baby. *my question: why was my little baby near your hot cup of coffee? That was also the last day for that babysitter.

    Day 37: I dropped my nail polish brush on the rug while doing my nails.

    Day 38: We decide to turn the rug around hiding the untreated stains under the sofa.

    Day 54: Marinara sauce at dinner time because we decided to sell our dining table and ate on the sofa ON TOP of the white rug. Awesome decision.

    Day 60: We decide to get rid of the white rug because, quite frankly, it was pretty gross.

    I vowed that day to never get another white rug, but I saw this one, the price was right and I loved it so I drove right in.

    It’s only been a couple weeks with this rug and so far so good. But I’ve got the STAINMASTER line-up to help in any situation… it treats difficult stains while also protecting your carpet from future messes so your carpet and rugs look newer longer!  Some other stain removers can leave a sticky residue that can attract dirt over time, (I tried a few of those other cleaners on our old rug… didn’t work and made it look gray as it attracted MORE DIRT!) But the STAINMASTER line leaves behind an invisible shield that repels dirt and protects your carpet against future resoiling… (which I think is totally necessary with a toddler and kitty running rampant! :))

    With STAINMASTER around, I’ve got a feeling this new white rug will be in the family for a long time.

    Also, I can’t decide if I like white geo on top, or floral on top… thoughts?

    IMG_1895 2 IMG_1898 2

    *This post is sponsored by STAINMASTER.

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    Almond Butter Acai Bowl

    Headed Somewhere + The Butter Half Headed Somewhere + The Butter Half

    Have any of you shopped at WinCo foods alone, without children, and realized how amazing their “bulk” section is? How have I been missing out on this secret!? WELL. I’ve gotta tell ya… if you’ve got one near you, check it out. They have bulk flour, chia seeds, bulk oatmeal and specialty honey. My favorite… pressed almond butter that you squeeze into a container all yourself. And it is delicious! I felt like a kid in a candy store. (And you can bet I stocked up on some bulk jelly bellies too.) So… as I have this giant container of almond butter in my cupboard, I thought there is no better time to share this super yummy super food snack!

    “You can take acai of relief knowing this almond butter acai bowl is healthy and nutritious, even though it tastes like a treat!”

    Almond Butter Acai Bowl
    Yields: 1 serving

    1 packet frozen acai smoothie puree (I’ve seen these in Costco recently)

    1/4 cup coconut water

    1 frozen banana

    1 cup strawberries, quartered

    1 banana, sliced

    1/4 cup almond butter

    1/4 cup raw sunflower seeds

    2 tablespoons chia seeds


    1. Place the acai packet, frozen banana and coconut water in a blender, and puree until smooth. Pour in a bowl.

    2. Cut up fruit and place in the bowl on top of the acai. Pour in the almond butter and top off with nuts and seeds. Serve immediately and enjoy!

    Headed Somewhere + The Butter Half

    Check out The Butter Half, the world’s punniest food blog. You can also follow along on InstagramSnapchatFacebook, and Pinterest, and check out their new shop for punny food tees and totes!!
    Happy Eating! What are some of your favorite foodie places to shop?
    (Note: this is not a sponsored post)

    Summer Bonfire with Levi’s

    Location: Encinitas, CA

    Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's
    Ahhh yes… Back to school time. My favorite time of year. It is a beautiful time in Southern California: the weather becomes perfect, holiday traffic dies down, the water is extra warm from basking in the hot sun all season, and the beaches are empty. Back to school for us means late night family bonfires on empty beaches. Perfection!

    I wore my go-to super soft comfy Levi’s tee, a basic I couldn’t live without and my Levi’s Boyfriend Trucker Jacket. Ezra’s teeny tiny Levi’s gave me all the heart eyes and I have to mention, he actually LOVED his mini jeans “like daddy’s”. I have tried having him wear other jeans before, but he hated the stiffness of them and I felt bad making him uncomfortable! So I’ve let the jeans thing go… until these. They are super soft and stretchy, he doesn’t fight me while getting dressed, and they can keep up with all of his messy play without getting in the way. WIN! (They’ve also got this “soil release” technology that fights against tough stains and dirt… could they get any better?? I don’t think so.)

    We got there early, in time to watch the sun go down, laid out all our blankets for a “comfy cozy” set-up and played in the sand with Ez while the sun set. And it’s a funny thing… every sunset in San Diego gets a standing ovation. People gather to watch the day end, everything stops and turns quiet. Then, as the sun goes beyond the horizon, people clap and go wild. And I guess for good reason… another day done, another to come tomorrow, it’s a beautiful thing worth cheering for.

    Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's
    Headed Somewhere Blog + Levi's


    Happy Back to Schooling, friends… whatever that may mean to you!

    *This post was sponsored by Levi’s… a brand our family has loved and adored for years and years. 🙂

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    9 Big Kid Bed + Sleep Training Tips

    It wasn’t easy. Those first few nights drove us absolutely bonkers. BUT, I think it was easier than most people have it. When I asked for tips on Instagram, I received so many comments, direct messages and emails about their experiences with the “big kid bed” swap. And boy, sometimes it can be tough. It is sleep training all over again! So after receiving so much great feedback and help, I wanted to return the favor and share what worked for us… because any advice in this matter is worth sharing! This is what we did:

    Made it exciting:

    Ezra came with us to pick out his bed, he tested it out in the store, “helped” put it together… we made a big deal. We talked about his “big boy bed” with excitement several times a day until he was excited about it too. We encouraged him to show any guests that came over his new big boy bed and he did just that! Soon he was crazy about it!

    Bed Placement:

    Ezra was used to seeing his bedroom from a certain perspective. He has been in that crib for a long time! For us, putting his bed in the exact spot as his crib wasn’t possible, it just didn’t fit. We think this is what caused some jarring in the middle of the night: waking up, not recognizing his space right away. So if possible, place the child’s new bed in the same spot as the crib once was.

    Stuck with our bedtime routine:

    Clay has been putting Ezra down every night since he was just a wee one. It’s their thing… their bonding time (and my time for some peace and quiet alone for a few minutes.) So we didn’t want to switch that up. Every night: brush teeth, Ezra chooses a book, they get a cup of water, find the binky and bear, give mama kisses and go to bed. Every single night. So when we switched they did just that, nothing else changed.

    Gave him a choice:

    Now that he was “a big boy”, Clay decided to let him choose: “do you want me to carry you to bed or do you want to go get in bed by yourself?”… he asks that question every night, and every night Ezra chooses to walk himself to bed (with Clay following behind). This makes him feel like it is his decision to get into bed.

    Introduced a new (or old) stuffy.

    Ezra was never really into his stuffed animals. But when he moved to his big boy bed, we started giving him his bear. Now he always wants bear in the bed with him, I think it gives him that little extra comfort. If they already have one, of course, they’ll be there by their side already! 🙂

    Talk through it:

    Although they may only be 2-3 years old… they understand so much. Talk to them and let them know why you are switching their bed! We asked Ezra several times if he was happy with his new bed and addressed his concerns. 🙂 (he had many.) This was a big change for our little one! So we tried out best to make him know we realized that and cared about his feelings.

    The no eye contact, no emotion bed return:

    This is a tip from a few people on IG and it totally worked. I think it has a name, but can’t find it and don’t remember. If you know, please comment and let me know! So this was used when he figured out, “hey! I actually don’t have to stay in this bed if I don’t want to!” and would wander around the house at night. Every time he would get out of his bed, we would pick him up gently, without eye contact or words, and put him back in his bed, tuck him in, and walk out. He did this a few times a night for two nights, cried every time we would return him to his bed. But that’s ok! He was learning! He only did this for 2 nights and on the third night, slept all the way through.

    I had also talked about our schedule: (he has been sleeping in until about 10 every day). He has not always done this, and I am starting to believe he is going through a growth spurt because this kid is sleeping like crazy! But, a few things that has always helped with extended sleep:

    Black out shades:

    We got ours at IKEA mainly because we have little/no AC in our house and it kept his room cool. But we have found that they work great for nap time and bedtime as well.

    White Noise:

    With such a small house, white noise is a must. Constant sound, blocking out noises from inside and outside, will help in longer sleep sessions!

    And just FYI because some of you asked: Ezra goes to bed at around 8:30-9 and sleeps until 9:30-10. He still naps from around 3-5.

    I would be happy to answer any questions! I am no expert… but I know what is working for us! Best of luck to you mamas! Things can be tough sometimes, but we are tougher! 🙂headedsomewhere signature

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    Swoon: Modern 80’s Bohemian Styled Wedding Shoot

    Location: San Elijo Hills, California

    Reality + Retrospect I am having some serious “I really want to go back in time and re-do my wedding and wear this dress and jewels and have my flowers like this and maybe get married in that field” thoughts. I am dyyyying over all these tiny details that Reality and Retrospect put together! She asked me a few weeks ago if she could borrow some of the jewelry pieces we are carrying in our new Sugarhouse Supply store and of course, immediately I say yes. Because I know the magic and beauty this girl is capable of. I mean, seriously?! Is everyone else going crazy over these images?

    The flowers, the invitations, the jewel tone colors… okay I’m done. Keep scrolling and see for yourself. 🙂 Couldn’t be more in love with the way she captured our jewels.
    Reality + Retrospect

    White Topaz + Diamond Rose Gold RingReality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect

    Moon Stone + White Topaz Ring – Sugarhouse Supply Co.Reality + Retrospect

    Labradorite + Diamond Hexagon Earrings

    Reality + Retrospect

    Labradorite + Diamond Rose Gold Open Ring

    Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect

    Facet Gold Filled Bands
    Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect Reality + Retrospect

    Turquoise + Gold Ring
    Reality + Retrospect

    The shoot was also featured yesterday on 100 Layer Cake!