Apple Picking + The big red tractor

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One of the best days spent with the best people. That’s really all there is to say about it…

Except ONE thing: Ezra, to my much surprise, was terrified of the big red tractor that continually made an appearance as it moseyed up and down the orchard lanes . Hence, the look of terror. Perhaps we’ll have better luck next year with his apple picking enthusiasm.

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Nap times are for cookies.

Baby is sleeping and I am tired. But my tired self can’t stop thinking about the extra dough that is sitting in my refrigerator from last night’s cookie s’mores fest. (Yes, cookie s’mores with these chocolate chip cookies taking the place of grahams, drizzled with homemade caramel, hershey’s chocolate and a mallow. Yikes, I died after one bite. But the one bite was so good.) Okayyyy… So instead of picking up the house, I’m setting my oven to 360 degrees and continuing on with my latest obsession: Call the Midwife. Get on this Netflix show if you haven’t. SOO GOOD. Reading this is making me feel lazy and a tad bit crazy for sweets. I should go to the gym sooner than later.

So this said dough in my refrigerator was made by my sister in law, Amber. She is a master cook, master baker, master everything… but mostly master baker. And this is her go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. So much so that she knew it by heart and didn’t use any measuring utensils. I call that pro status.

Here is the recipe FOR YOU:


2 sticks butter
1 cup packed dark brown sugar (you can use light, dark is bettah)
1 cup white sugar
2 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 1/2 c flour
1 tsp baking soda


Melt butter in frying pan on stove, add sugar until smooth. (You can skip this step and just throw it all together in a bowl if you must, but doing so will add a caramely flavor that is so good.)

Whisk eggs and vanilla together.

In large mixing bowl, combine wet ingredients with dry.

Chill dough in refrigerator.

Add mix-ins after the dough has cooled: chocolate chips, toffee, nuts or whatever you little heart desires.

Bake 8-9 minutes 360 degrees.

Happy Baking and Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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Sunday Brunch // Eggplant + Sweet Potato Crustless Quiche

Headed Somewhere BlogI’ve a huge fan of’s instagram page and website. Her foodie photos are inspiring and beautiful and her healthy recipes / meal ideas leave my mouth watering! And with seasons changing, (very, very slowly changing), my baking/cooking bug has come to visit. Clay isn’t upset about it. Shannan Monson, dietitian, lifestyle coach & author of said blog/instagram, shared one of her favorite recipes, Eggplant + Sweet Potato Crustless Quiche here! For you! Right now! You’re welcome. :)

Headed Somewhere Blog“I like my weekends slow and lazy, and find my weeks tend to be quite the opposite–so my family likes to take advantage of the long weekend mornings to prepare a simple crustless quiche with seasonal veggies, like this one, that we can enjoy throughout the week. I’ll usually do an egg-and-cheese-only quiche as well for the little ones, though my baby doesn’t seem to mind the kale and eggplant just quite yet, I’m sure that too will pass (wink, wink). Once the quiches have cooled, simply cover and transfer to the refrigerator for up to 1 week. I hope your family enjoys this hearty and nourishing breakfast as much as we do!”

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Eggplant + Sweet Potato Crustless Quiche

1 sweet potato
1 medium eggplant or 3 small
1 oz soft cheese, goat cheese or cream cheese work well
1/2 onion
3 tb heavy whipping cream
12 eggs
1/4 cup almond milk
1 kale leaf
2 tb coconut oil
salt & pepper to taste

Use a mandolin or slicer to thinly slice sweet potato and arrange in a “crust” layer at the bottom of a 9″ or similar round pan. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes or until sweet potatoes become soft. While the sweet potatoes are baking, roughly chop onion and kale and sauté in a pat of coconut oil or butter until both are tender. In a large mixing bowl, crack the eggs and add almond milk and heavy whipping cream. Whip until combined, and then add sautéed veggies and cheese if desired. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour over sweet potato crust and bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.”


There you have it! Let me know how you like! Or love! Or can’t live without! And THANK YOU Shannan for sharing with us. :)

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GET IN MY CLOSET – fall picks

Headed Somewhere Fall Favorites

Cashmere Blend Beanie – 39 // H&M V-Neck Sweater – 23 // Brixton Tiller Hat – 54 // Madewell Buffalo Check Blouse – 74 // Penfield Fleece Vest – 105 // H&M Vegan Leather Leggings – 20 // H&M Wool Blend Coat – 99 // Madewell High Rise Skinny Bristol Wash -135 // Free People Hybrid Heel Boot – 198 // Madewell The Robin Mule – 168

I have been on a Fall strike through the entire month of September. I have been in full force refusal mode to acknowledge that “fall” is happening before it actually happens. Let’s stop jumping the gun people! Why are we all drinking $5 PSL’s when it is still 97 degrees outside? And why does the Pumpkin Spice Latte have an acronym? And why are we paying $5 for a beverage? (I am sure I will… just asking.) Also, let’s cool it with the Christmas decorations… alright Target?! For Pete’s sake! Let’s let summer leave with a little dignity!

But now that Fall is here… LET US CELEBRATE!!!!

I am a true fall lover… except for living in San Diego, we don’t really get that “fall feelin”… no fall smell, no fall leaves, no cider mills, (we do have starbucks and pumpkin spiced drinks though…) I mean, we have a little bit of fall… It’s just not the real deal. It’s a fall knock-off.

So this year I have planned a trip to Massachusetts & Maine in October. The fall MECCA!!!! Leaves, cider mills, apple picking, tractor rides, cranberry bogs, pumpkin festivals, not to mention white picket fence beaches, lobster rolls, ferries and lighthouses.


So in the spirit of the season, I wanted to show you all that I am obsessing over. Ideally, all of these pieces would be coming to the Northeast with me. But, budgets say otherwise. Ugh, budgets. I’ll pick two or three pieces perhaps, instead. :)

What are you loving this fall??

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Breakfast of champs + Hatchery is my new BF

headed somewhere blog with The Hatchery

This easy schmeezy breakfast smoothie bowl doesn’t really need a recipe, it all seems very common sense. But for the sake of doing a recipe, let’s do a recipe! (And I need a reason to tell you all about my new best friend Hatchery and the amazing Cashew Cardamom that was sent to me in the prettiest of packages.)


1 cup Coconut Milk

2-3 cups your favorite frozen berry mix (I use three berry medley from Costco because its cheap and goooood)

1 cup Spinach (didn’t use spinach in pictured bowl because obviously the color would be blahhh, but given my child refuses most vegetables… spinach AND CARROTS are a must.)

1 large banana



I added Pepitas Seeds, good for you and add a bit of salt…

And of course, this cashew cardamom… goodness, it’d to die for.

Other ideas: raw honey, pollen… (seriously try this one), almond butter… you get the idea.

{{ Hatchery… Because you should know. }}

Okay so let me explain Hatchery for un momento because I am SOO excited about this whole idea. The genius curators over at Hatchery pull small farmers market type brands together on one website where you can read the personal stories of the “makers”, really getting to know where your product is coming from. And they aren’t just any products… They are specialized foods that you can’t buy just anywhere.

Here’s my favorite part… You can sign up for Hatchery tasting box, where each month they send you a curated box with sample sizes of several different products to try. It also comes with a little card explaining each product’s story. This cashew cardamom was one of the little samples… which I have now decided I need to keep this in stock always. This would make an AMAZING gift for anyone… foodie or not. (family: hint hint, me. or Dad. or Mom. or Lindsay. or anyone.)


So there you have it. My current obsession. Cashew Cardamom + Hatchery.

What are your favorite toppings to put on your smoothie bowls? I’d love to try something new!

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My A+ Skin Care Routine Using Essential Oils

Headed Somewhere BlogMy skin has never been perfect. I feel like I am always jumping around, trying this and that, spending $60 on face wash that is supposedly going to accomplish everything I had ever dreamed, leaving my face looking dewey and fresh with a hint of sun kiss… maybe a little like Gisele Bundchen.

I’ve decided to go a different direction with my skin care routine after realizing how LONG and arduous my process was. I am all about simplifying and moving in a more natural direction.

I found this simple recipe and decided to give it a try. Turns out, I am obsessed… It leaves my skin silky smooth, cuts oil, and it smells amazing.


For combination skin:

1 part Castor Oil

3 parts another carrier oil of your choice. (liquified coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil.)

5-10 drops each essential oil. (Lemon, Lavender & Frankincense)

Glass bottle with dropper (Not necessary, but nice to have. I bought mine at a health food store for $3.50)


NOTE: Lemon and lavender do great things for problem acne prone skin, frankincense works for wrinkles and naturally fights aging.


Make sure to use the combination that is best for YOUR skin:

Oily Skin – 1 part Castor Oil to 2 parts other oil, or 30% Castor Oil and 70% other oils
Combination Skin – 1 part Castor Oil to 4 parts other oil, or 20% Castor Oil and 80% other oils
Dry Skin – 1 part Castor Oil to 9 parts other oil, or 10% Castor Oil to 90% other oils


Wet your face with warm water, use dime sized amount of wash. I use a spin brush to scrub and exfoliate with the essential oil wash. It gives me a really deep clean feel.

Right now, get a 70% discount off the Vanity Planet Spin Brush with code “marylauren”.

I’d love to know how you like the face wash! Let me know how it worked for you! :)

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this is not a post about organizational tips.

Headed Somewhere BlogThe longer my to-do list becomes, the more stagnant and lazy I become. Why is it that I can never feel caught up?! For heaven’s sakes girl, get up and do something! So here I sit, on my bed, talking about it instead. Because when I have one zillion things to do, I do everything unnecessary before the necessary. That’s just how I roll.

Ezzy babe is down for a nap, so I’m gonna… oh wait. nope, he’s awake. Literally this very second he woke up. Goodness. Hang on…

Okay, he’s happily sitting on my lap for a few minutes and watching my fingers dance on the keyboard as quickly as I can possibly type.

Instead of the 415 loads of laundry and the sink full of dishes I should be attending to at this moment, I am mapping out the next month of social media content + planning a vacation to Maine while listening to 1000 emerald pools by BORNS (which is amazing.) Seriously my house looks like a bomb went off, or someone came in and ransacked the place looking for cash. Every drawer is open and most contents of every drawer are on the floor. (I didn’t do this, my teeny roommate did.)Headed Somewhere BlogCan someone please recommend a great way to get this little life of mine just a little more organized?! Like a magical app that will give me alerts and prioritize and alphabetize and maybe even just do everything for me?

K, Ez is biting me and insisting I dance with him. Peace out! Headed Somewhere Blogheadedsomewhere signature

A Gunn Family Affair // Ventura, CA

There is such a stigma that goes along with the “in-laws”… and “my husband’s family…” but in my case, I think I got dealt a pretty great hand. Like really great. So great, I might venture to say the best. We spent a few days together in Ventura after celebrating a beautiful little boy and his baby blessing. It was lovely and very “pleasant” as my father-in-law would put it. 

We jump roped with seaweed, ate too many gummy bears, chatted around a monster of a bonfire, devoured an entire bottle of squeeze cheese in a matter of minutes, paddle boarded, surfed, biked, walked, chased so many toddlers and let me tell ya, it was pretty great. Really great. So great I think we should go back next week. Whaddya say guys?! :)

Now keep scrollin’ if you’re feeling like seeing way way way way too many photos of us.

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Wall Hanging DIY + Real Life Pinspiration

Headed Somewhere Blog

Pinterest is cool n’ all… but sometimes it just feels good to get out from behind a screen and away from the virtual pin board. To cut real paper with real scissors and pin real pins into a real board. It’s kind of like reading a real life book with real pages that smell like an old library as opposed to swiping your finger across glass to turn the page. It just FEELS better.

So I decided to get back to my collaging roots. I used to be a big collager in middle school… we’re talking expert status. Binders, notebooks, lockers… you name it, I collaged it. This here is peanuts and a sad excuse for a collage if you ask me. But I only had nap time and how long I have until he wakes up is like a ticking time bomb. So I’ll take what I can get.

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Inspired by the tiny gold jewels, loose fitting boho-wear, braids and white-white-white. 
Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere BlogAlso, if you are looking for a SUPER SIMPLE diy project to make a statement, this wall piece is your gal. All you need is yarn, a stick. Bam. That’s ALL.

1. Cut your yarn to double the length you want it to hang.

2. Take the end of each piece and put them together so you are doubling up your yarn.

3. Hold the looped end and take it over the front of the piece of wood, around the back and pull the loose ends through loop. Pull snug. “Knot” should be in front.

4. When finished, cut the bottom in any shape you like. Viola! Easy Peasy.

Headed Somewhere Blog

If you decide to make one, or already have, I’d love to see the finished product! Tag me in your Instagram photos so I can see! :)

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