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    5 Fall Skin Care Fixes

    Ahh fall… the best time of year. Hands down. Falling leaves, falling temps, falling for everything Pumpkin Spice. While I sit here writing this, I am ACTUALLY eating a bowl of pumpkin pie ice cream. Could I be more #basic? Definitely not. Is it kind of the best thing ever? 100% yes. Yeah, everything seems magical, wonderful and amazing in the fall, but there are a few issues I have. That is, what it does to my skin. So, let’s talk about those crappy seasonal skincare symptoms and what I have been using to combat them with one of my favorite French skin care brands,
    Vichy USA!!

    Dry Skin

    The days are getting colder and the heat inside goes up! Both give us the result of drier skin. Climate can have a huge play in this too… I remember when I was living in Utah, my skin would dry out like the Sahara in the fall and winter. Absolutely terrible!! I would get sooo itchy, my face would peel, lips would crack and guess what… didn’t really do anything about it. That is a sad, but true story. I would just live with it all winter long! I don’t have that same dryness intensity where I live now, but I still definitely see a difference in my skin when the weather starts changing.

    I am now using a nighttime face moisturizer that I love… AQUALIA THERMAL NIGHT SPA to help to deeply moisturize my face overnight. It’s also an “anti-fatigue” mask that leaves skin looking silky smooth and supple by morning. Coming in very handy these days with a newborn and all. Now, if I could go back in time, I would give my 22 year old self a jar of Aqualia Thermal Night Cream for that sad, dry face and then maybe a list of boys to avoid would be good too.

    Dullness and Uneven Skin Tone

    Just because we’ve put our swimsuits away doesn’t mean we also put away the sunscreen! I have always associated sunscreen with summer/being outside for long periods of time… but I have learned (just recently… and much too late) that that’s not the case! Sunscreen is for everyday wear, even just while out n’ about running errands or a short trip to the park.

    But, for those, like me, who maybe missed a few too many days of sunscreen on those long days to the beach… (totally guilty), you may be noticing some sun spots or uneven skin tone. IDÉALIA DAY CREAM is great for evening skin tone, brightening and gives your skin super hydration for up to 24 hours. It’s the perfect face moisturizer to put on in the morning post cleansing/pre makeup.

    Sensitive Skin

    So this is something I have struggled with for forrrrever. I tend to break out when switching up products and my skin doesn’t agree with a lot. But the PURETÉ THERMALE 3-IN-1 ONE STEP CLEANSER is super lightweight and very mild. It has that milky feel that leaves skin feeling soft, but clean. The 3-1 is an added bonus… it removes all makeup (even eye make-up) very easily and guess what… no water needed, if you don’t want it. I use water, because that is what I am used to and it’s just what feels right. HA! But I read that some people just apply and wipe it off with a towel! Easy enough!

    Tired Eyes

    I don’t know about you, but I’m like, super tired. This is a Fall Skin Care fix BECAUSE Fall = School and schedules and routine and late night homework and oh yeah, a new baby over here. HA! So This one is kind of saving me lately. Puffy, tired eyes no more! AQUALIA THERMAL EYE BALM is my saving grace. It contains Hyaluronic Acid and Aquabioryl to form a protective barrier around skin and lock in necessary hydration around your eye area. Those 3 am feedings might be kicking my butt, but you’d never know it by looking at my face! (most days.)

    My Go-To Product for Multiple Concerns

    Okay so I’ve shared a bunch of new products I am loving lately… but there is still one that is my absolute favorite. I know I have talked about it before in a previous post, but it is worth mentioning again! I use this product both day and night kind of as a sidekick to my whole skin care routine. It’s kind of my “performance booster” of sorts… boosting the efficacy of all the other products I am using. Okay drumroll….. MINERAL 89! Haha This stuff really is the bees knees. Mineral 89 is super lightweight, quick drying, doesn’t leave any residue and gives my skin that extra plumping goodness. It’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Vichy’s Mineralizing Thermal Water, so it plumps, hydrates and fortifies skin. If you want to read more about it, click here!

    So there you have it! My Fall Skin Care regimen that is keeping away my sad skin woes. Thanks Vichy for the awesome French beauty staples! If you haven’t checked out Vichy, do it! You can find it available at your local drug store (Walgreens, CVS etc.) OR you can use my discount code MARYLAUREN for 20% off PLUS free shipping in your online checkout at!

    *Thanks Vichy for sponsoring this post!

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    Favorite Fall Boot Round-Up

    Fall is finally here! Or… right around the corner anyway. 🙂 I start pullin’ out my booties at the end of summer because I just CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER! Bring on the PSLs and the chunky knits! But until that cold weather hits and gives you a legitimate reason to bundle, pair them with some shorts and you’re golden even in 80 degree + weather. 😂

    I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorites… and in a perfect world I would have all of these in my closet. But let’s get real.  All you really need are a few staples. I love having a camel color or black bootie, an OTK boot and a fun/colored bootie. I also have a pair of cold weather boots. Living in Southern California these are pretty pointless. But for the very few times I travel to the snow in the winter, they come in handy. ✌️

    I splurged on the Full Monty Studded Bootie this season… sadly, my feet are wayyyy too swollen to get them on at the moment so I’m just hoping they fit once this baby is here! Keeping fingers (and swollen toes) crossed.


    Our “Boho Baby” Nursery Reveal

    Yay! It’s finished! I can’t even tell you how happy I am. And how happy Clay is… 😂 maybe more happy than me. No more trips to Target, Home Goods, World Market… he was starting to go nuts… but such a good sport. HA!

    When diving into the planning of this nursery, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted. I just sort of started shopping. I found the crib first, knew which print I wanted to put above it, and went from there. To be quite honest, there were a bunch of cribs that I had my eyes on… some were really expensive. I had decided I wanted to splurge on the crib and have it for other babies in our future! But when I saw this crib from IKEA, I couldn’t pass it up! I absolutely love the minimalist look… the raw (non-toxic) wood,  simple design, AND insanely cheap price tag… I knew it was the one. P.S: Links to mostly EVERYTHING are below. 😊

    Sooo I went from there. I had originally put in our red vintage oriental rug, which I loved. But my dining room was really missing it and looking pretty bare (and its really good at hiding all food stains/crumbs)… so back it went. 😂 I found this one and decided it was more fitting for a baby’s room because it is OH SO SOFT!

    Ya know those plastic Eames rocking chairs that were crazy popular for a minute? They’re super comfortable and perfect for nursing in the middle of the night… NOT!!! Like, why when I was decorating Ezra’s nursery did I think that was a good idea? Can’t even tell you how much I hated that chair. It’s a great chair, yeah, but not for sitting for long periods of time while in zombie sleep mode.

    ANYWAY!!! I vowed this time to buy a chair that was comfortable and that glides. I didn’t even really care what it looked like, I was going to be ok with the ugliest chair on the planet as long as it was comfy. BUT luckily I found this one! HA! It’s a mesh between stylish and comfortable. AND it reclines which is a plus. No more giving up comfort for design. Way over that. Not worth it. At all. Like never again will that happen. 😉 

    We found this dresser on Craigslist already finished. It’s vintage… and a little wonky. 😂 It bends in the middle and the drawers aren’t exactly straight. HAHA But I love it… for those reasons. The little houses are at Target in the crafting section for like $6 each! Such a steal and a super cheap way to fill those walls. (links at the bottom.)

    s h o p

    I love that so many of the things in this room are from my favorite small shops. I have linked all of them if you want to see. The banner and brass hook are a couple of my favorites, and I can’t get over this mobile!!!! Oh my goodness. I feel like it totally makes the room and brings it all together. It was gifted to me by Bellabloom Kids… the sweetest gift. 💕

    The photo above the crib is also sold in our shop. It is by one of my favorite photographers of all time @mandinelson_ When I first saw this photo over a year ago, I knew I wanted it to go in our baby’s room someday. It’s just so sweet and simple.

    s h o p

    Just a little friend from Auntie. 🦁

    s h o p

    One of my baby must haves is the linen ring sling. I have a few, all from Wildbird, (linked above) and couldn’t live without them. Learning to wear your babe in a ring sling has a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the easiest, most convenient AND stylish ways to wear your babe. After a few times, the fabric gets really soft and just molds to you and your baby. I would recommend just loosening the fabric in the ring when taking your baby out instead of taking the fabric all the way out. That way, you have a loop that is shaped exactly how you want and all you have to do is tighten!

    Also, have you guys seen these little characters from Hazel Village? Seriously so cute. I follow their IG account and watching their stories of them making these teeny tiny hats and clothes for their creatures is kind of amazing. 😍

    Can’t wait for this peanut to get here! Only a few short days. ☺ Hope he loves this space as much as I do.

    s h o p

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