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    Spring Vacationing // Kiddo Edition

    Location: Vacation Dreamin'

    We are finally here! Can’t even believe it. I am sitting right this second in a gorgeous Parisian apartment getting ready to hit the street markets, seriously been dreaming of this my whole life. (Since the days of Beauty and the Beast… the original. Where Belle wasn’t Emma Watson and just techni-color). Okay, yes, that wasn’t Paris. But it WAS France. Close enough, yes? no? I say yes. Will definitely be posting photos of all of the beauty we find, but for now I wanted to show you a few little things we picked up for Ezra for our trip from Bloomingdales!

    I have this love for packing a suitcase with a few “new” items and Bloomingdales has got it all for your Spring travels! I always buy just a couple new things for him (and myself) to take on vacay! And I am a serious sucker for little boy swimmers! Sooo cute. Yes, we are in rainy Paris and it is expected to rain most of the time. HAHA! But next we are headed to Greece! Hoping for some warmer temps so Ezzy can sport the swim trunks! I have also had my eye on these Converse sneaks for a while, so just gave me a reason to grab em. 🙂 Plus, when he tried them on he said he ran “much super super faster”… so that’s always a plus.

    S H O P   T H E   P O S T

    Let’s go chase that warm weather, get out and adventure! 🙂

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    White Fringe My Heart

    I have had sooo many questions about this dress! I am so sad to tell ya, but I got it at Forever21 foreverrrr ago… worst news. BUT P.S. You probably wouldn’t have even wanted this one anyway. It is a swimsuit cover, a little sheer, I have to wear a slip under it.

    Luckily, it is a pretty popular style… so I am putting a list together for ya! Some under $50!! Happy Shopping Gals!

    The cute short sleeve dress from goes to their landing page. Couldn’t fix it… ugh. But just search tassel dress and you can find it easily. 🙂

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    Spring Maternity (and other) Faves

    Dressing with that bump isn’t always easy. It is actually downright hard. And let’s not forget about the extra LBS we have put on! But it doesn’t have to be the end of fashion! It can actually be fun… another accessory of sorts? Kind of? I’m stretching it. HAHA!!

    I have found some things thought that have made that transition a little easier. Like I have said before, jeans are not my first choice. HA! But. If you must, these are good ones. Bought the ones I put in the look book, tried, tested, and they work! Here is another jeans trick… if you are in that mid-phase where your jeans aren’t fitting but you’re not quite at the maternity jeans level yet, I linked their super low rise jeans I have been wearing occasionally. I just sized up a few sizes, they’re super stretchy, and they sit really low… below the belly! They still work now at 16 weeks and guys, there is some serious bump happening.

    The outfit below: tried and searched but couldn’t find the exact dress I bought just a few days ago! ugh. But I added the same dress in a different print. Almost bought this one actually. It looks like a skirt in the photo, but it is a dress! Also, this sweater is super old, so I linked a couple of similar ones. A long sleeved one and also one I own… its almost the same sweater, just with short sleeves. And don’t be afraid to size up for a looser fit!

    Okay last mentions… the Target stuff. That first blush Knox Rose dress is seriously my favorite. It is a shift dress but super comfy and very loose. Highly recommended. Also, the sandals are super comfy AND the green shorts (with an elastic waist) are also my faves.

    One more thing: those white Adidas (Neo) are literally the comfiest shoes ever. They have MEMORY FOAM in the sole. Just saying. wow.