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We are pretty lucky that we get to see Clay so much. He works a normal 9-5 job, but its close to home so either he comes home or we meet for lunch just about every day. Yesterday we decided to go a different route to our favorite restaurant and stumbled upon a little roadside flower stand which turned out to be a HUGE incredible nursery!

We walked around for a good while, letting Ezra smell everything. I fell in love with it all. Especially a little 3 foot fiddle leaf fig tree that I am now regretting that we didn’t purchase. She was calling my name and I heard… I also think Pam, (our fiddle leaf fig tree), needs a sister. I may just go back and get her.

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@marylauren @marylauren @marylauren @marylauren @marylauren @marylauren
Dress: C/O Clad and Cloth

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