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a new year and some new resolutions… of course.

The idea of setting new year’s resolutions has always overwhelmed me. I feel like I am setting myself up for failure after so many years of setting high in the sky goals only to think in the back of my mind they were never going to happen… which only led to… well, not happening.

So for the past few years, I have bypassed this tradition. But this year is different. This year IS different. I had so many times last year where I thought “I really need to get this together” or “this could be better.” So I am choosing now to make it work this year. IT WILL WORK! But only with my new plan. šŸ™‚

Instead of writing down 12 goals/behavioral changes for the entire year, I have decided to change one thing per month. And by the law of the 21 days to create a habit, by the end of the year, I should have 12 new healthy habits! Right?

So here is goes. Writing it here for all to see to keep me a little bit accountable.

January: Drink more water. At least one full canister a day.
February: Cook at home at home more, meal plan every Sunday and grocery shop on Monday. (Eating out only 4 times a week. This sounds like a lot but that would be a huge improvement for us.)
March:Read more REAL books with REAL life pages. Nothing digital.
April: Find time to run once a week. (again, this is sad, but would be a huge improvement.)
May:Ā Spend time every morning with Ezra meditating, stretching and doing small exercises.
June:Ā Spend less time on your phone. Save work until Ezzy’s bedtime.
July: Write in a gratitude journal every night.
August: Be more organized with scheduling work.
September: Say “yes” more often to social events and plan something this month. (we are mostly home bodies over here.)
October: Set aside two Friday’s a month for date night.
November: Take time for yourself twice a month.
December: Seek out opportunities to serve others and follow through.

Clay and I both have bigger goals for our family as well that we have written down. They are a little more personal, and some we hold close to our heart. But writing down these small, everyday habits I think will make for a great year!

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What were some of your resolutions? Did you write them down?
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