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gratitude // a letter to ezra

You have filled me with gratitude lately.

ezzy and bear

I took you on a walk in your new stroller the other day. You looked so big sitting up the way you were, holding on the crossbar tightly with both hands. You kept leaning your head over the side looking at everything we passed, then looking up at me to make sure I saw it too. I was laughing out loud at your excitement. You are filled with so much curiosity and wonder; and at only 6 months. I swear if you could talk, you would teach me everything there is to know about the world. Every tiny thing catches your attention. You are so aware, so alert, and it makes me stop to see the little things as well.

We were walking down the hill and I had such an overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude. My eyes welled up with tears and you just stared at me with your slow blinks, until you fell asleep. In that moment, I realized that I am one of the lucky ones. So lucky to live where we live, to love so deeply, and to have the freedoms we have. We are able to take walks outside and not have a worry in the world.

It is hard for me to remember these things sometimes. Hard to realize how lucky we really are. I get caught up in the grind and the tedious things in life. Sometimes they overwhelm me to no end and I start to feel like a hamster in a wheel. But I hope you will be different. I hope someday you will be able to see your life in a positive and grandiose perspective, and I hope you have a deep knowledge that you are loved  by so many.


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