a woodland themed baby shower

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I’m just sittin’ over here… patiently waiting for this little nugget to decide he’s ready to meet me. I feel like he sure is taking his time. Alright… I do have 5 days until my due date. I just thought he would be a LITTLE more excited.

So meanwhile, I’ll share some pictures of the cutest baby shower ever thrown by my sister Lindsay; complete with baby onesie painting, a pregnancy cravings table, (best thing ever), and the yummiest lunch spread you have ever laid eyes on. I can’t even imagine how much work was put into each detail… I really love ya sis. You’re the best.

Thanks to everyone who drove from near and far to celebrate with us! And thanks to you guys, we have just about everything we could possibly need to take care of little Ezra. Who knew a baby could need so many THINGS! A little bit of a shocker!

Send good thoughts and vibes this way… maybe the kind that make babies come out. Tonight preferably. :)



photography by: Erin Fonnesbeck Photography


  1. clj says

    And to think that Linds cut each of those stencils with an exacto knife! You are a lucky girl to have so many people who adore you. We’re all being patient and waiting with you for little Ezra to make his entrance into the big wide world.

    • jolene says

      You and Clay are going to be the most caring, devoted and FUN parents ever! Of course you have four great examples already! (M&D, B&M,E&T,and L&M) Now go practice your breathing. We’ll be thinking of you and wishingyou the best.

  2. Lindsay johnson says

    Well I can’t take credit for the cravings table that was all mom! And we worked poor Erin to death! Ha. But we had the best time and I enjoyed every second of it!! Yay for baby Ezra!!! Come on get out here!!! Love ya sis.

  3. says

    That is such a lovely shower. And good luck with your first little one! :-) My babies all took their time. My daughter was induced at 40 weeks (pre-eclampsia). My son was induced at 41 weeks (placenta leak and strep B). And my third baby was induced at 42 weeks because he just needed to come out!!! I was like, what is wrong with these little people? 😉

    Such a happy, exciting time.

  4. Jennifer says

    SUCH a cute shower! Where are the stencils from!?!? i love all the stencils and have been searching all over the place to find stencils like that!!!!!

    • mary.l.johnson1@gmail.com says

      I am not sure where the stencils are from! Someone else threw the shower for me. But I think you may be able to find them on pinterest? Or something similar? Maybe try “woodland theme stencils”?

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