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So I have been planning on going to Julian, CA this weekend to satisfy my need for fall festivities. I have never been there, but heard this is THE place for pumpkin patching, apple picking,  and cider sipping in a quaint one street town. Sounds perfect for me! I planned to wear flannel, boots, and a beanie… but alas, just looked up the weather, and it is supposed to be 72 and sunnier than ever. Not fallish enough for me. So I am reconsidering our trip. I may push it back a few weeks.

So on my agenda this weekend: beaching, lunching, napping, & flipping through the new Martha Stewart mag, (funny how lately I prefer Better Home and Gardens & Martha Stewart over Vogue and Marie Claire. Never thought I’d see that day). Yep, I’m pretty exciting.

Wanted to share a few etsy shops I have been going gaga over lately.

<<< enjoy your weekend everyone! >>>


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