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… a bump …


There’s a serious bump happening. It seems to have grown over night! My pants are pretty snug, (I use a rubber band to hold the top together), most of my dresses no longer fit, to be honest, my wardrobe has gone downhill pretty fast in the past few weeks. That’s right folks. I’m growin a baby in there. And we’re pretty excited about it.

Remember how I have forgotten about my blog over and over again? Well that’s because I’m too gosh dang tired to do anything except my ‘every day absolutely have to do’ chores. Like going to work and eating. That’s all I have energy to do! Really. Anyone have any pointers to get some energy and LIFE back into me?! A magical pill?  (pregnancy safe obviously.) Let me know.

The little guy in there, (yep, it’s a BOIIII!),  is kicking up a storm! As I am typing this he is wiggling around the right side of my belly. I think he knows I am talking about him. I started feeling it at about 15 weeks! Pretty early huh! Now, at 18 weeks he is going NUTS! I kinda feel bad for the little guy. Maybe he’s claustrophobic like me!!! My worries as a mother have already begun.

So here we go on this magical adventure called pregnancy. So far it’s been super magical, like how I couldn’t eat anything but popsicles and sour patch kids for the first 3 months. In my mind, that’s pretty magical to have an excuse to eat that for every meal. It is really a strange feeling though, knowing you will be a PARENT to a CHILD!! I get small glimpses of realness, where it becomes really real all the sudden and I break down because, what if I am a terrible parent? But mostly, it doesn’t seem real.

So there you have it. Hurray for bebe! Send good thoughts and your pregnancy tips and tricks my way! Anything helps… 🙂


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