good eats // pumpkin cookies & the first snow fall

It really happened… the first snow has fallen here in Salt Lake City. I have mixed feelings. I woke up today to a beautiful snow cover and a world looking like a winter wonderland! As a child I would have been so thrilled to wake up to this because usually, in St. George, Utah, that meant no school and our one chance to build 2 foot snowmen with the snow gathered from every yard on the block. Unfortunately, citizens of Salt Lake are used to this occurrence of 3 inches of snow, hence, school is in session, people go to work, and life as we know it goes on.

Therefore, the only thing I thought would be appropriate to do today was make pumpkin cookies, listen to Mumford and Sons new  album, and watch the snow fall. (And spend a few hours at work). So that’s what I did.

I must say, these cookies are amazing. It seems I have been baking a lot lately, but if you haven’t noticed, I rarely bake anything with more than 3 ingredients. Good thing these cookies fall into that category. Happy First Snowfall citizens of Northern Utah, let the freezing cold weather and terrifying road conditions begin! (And probably a few more baking concoctions from my kitchen).

P.S. Mix all ingredients. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes. You won’t be disappointed.

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