it has arrived // West Elm SLC

After 5 minutes of watching the Vice-Presidential debate I decided it would be a lot more enjoyable with headphones on blasting Puccini {Nessun Dorma} and browsing the new arrivals at West Elm. Joe Biden is a child and I would prefer not take part. He is at least tolerable when I have headphones in. (I seriously can’t stand that man and his little grins and giggles.) I find that when it comes to confrontation and arguments that are being interrupted and not going anywhere, I would rather be anywhere else. I am sorry Dad, I have failed you.

So, instead of having a serious politcal discussion, (because really, at this point, there IS no point), I am going to share with you the latest and greatest of WEST ELM! I am so excited about West Elm right now because finally, they have just opened their first in DOWNTOWN SALT LAKE CITY!!!



Looks like I am moving into a blue period. What are your favorite decor trends you’ve seen lately? I would love to know!

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