DSC02989Contrary to popular belief, I have not abandoned my blog. There may have been times where even I thought it might be so. But here is the truth. The honest to goodness truth about why there has not been a post in close to a month. Here it is: I have had the same computer since 2006. And even though I had some amazing pictures to share, even after my deepest pleads to the my trusty computer to please please work, it just wouldn’t. After 7 good years, I had to bury the thing. (Not literally I guess… it’s actually still sitting here next to me peering at me as I am sitting here with my brand new MacBook.) I feel guilty.

Anyway. You are about to be OVERLOADED with photos that Clay and I took while in Bermuda this past weekend. Remember when I wrote about needing ideas for our one year anniversary? Well… instead of the short road trip, we decided on Bermuda; caaaause Clay won a free trip there for naming a Jet Blue plane “you had me at blue”. I know, random. And Bermuda did just that. It had us at literally the BLUEST water on the planet. The place was unreal. Don’t worry we will be doing the California Coast road trip soon. 🙂
So here we go. Bermuda 2013. (Actually, no need to categorize by year really… we’ll probably never go back because it costs $40 dollars for a sandwich and pickle. Seriously.) We ate mac n cheese, hot dogs, and ramen the whole time. Livin it up.



DSC02958 DSC02911 DSC02914 DSC02916I guess I had never really given Bermuda a second thought. I had pictured Jamaica… or Mexico. But in reality, Bermuda is more like England than anything else. The men wear bermuda shorts, (obviously), and tall socks with loafers. People drive on the left side of the road, Cricket is all the rage, cannons went off the day Royal Baby George was born, and ancient castles and churches appear around every corner. If you weren’t surrounded by crystal clear blue water, you would probably believe you were in England. DSC02928 DSC02945DSC02994It’s a tough life being an aspiring model.


Literally. Mac n cheese and hot dogs. The chips were a splurge. HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE HERE?!

DSC03017 DSC03021 DSC03031 DSC03035 DSC03045 DSC03116Clay rented us a little boat to go explore by ourselves in the open water. We happened upon our own little island, with the most pristine white sand beach you’ve ever seen… all to ourselves. The only footprints on the island were ours. Unreal.DSC03123 DSC03108 DSC03162

If you happen to be traveling to Bermuda anytime soon, talk to me first! I have tons of pointers and things to do/what to avoid. Thanks Nathan for being the one who REALLY named that plane. Clay, I’m sorry he deserves the credit. 🙂