For every photo posted on Instagram, there are MANY others that don’t make the cut. Usually they are terrible, awful and downright embarrassing. But there are very rare cases where I find more than one gem; and I decided they need a home. My little corner of the inter web is as good as any…. so here it goes, the “reject reel”… a new series on the blog.


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I am sure many of you have already read this… I posted it on Instagram a few weeks ago. Buuuut I decided I didn’t LOVE the photo attached to the words and deleted it. However, I wanted the words to stay! They needed to be somewhere… out there in the vast space of information we call the internet. So here they are… on my blog. Let’s spread some kindness today. 🙂

You’ve got to have pretty tough skin to be in this world. In the social media world… Where we pour out our hearts, bear our souls, put ourselves out there, so vulnerable for all to see, for all to judge, praise, sympathize, ridicule or do whatever they want with it, really…

It’s a beautiful thing, this community that is so tight knit, but with that comes the inevitable jabs from people who peek in from their tiny little window into one’s life to make a snap judgement on something you’ve shared or said. And you’ve got to be tough. You’ve got to know it doesn’t mean much… You’ve got to be able to pick up and move on. You’ve got to love yourself enough to not let others make you feel less than the spectacular human you are.

Which brings me to this: be kind. Treat every woman like she is your sister, every man like he is your brother. Listen, love and respect. Open your windows, get a little wider view before casting anything negative. Nobody should be carrying around unnecessary negativity… the feeling that sits in the corner of our hearts, taking up space in the little universes we live in. Let go of it. Uplift, support and be kind. That will never be wrong.headedsomewhere signature


  Between the diaper changes, the hours on the floor with trains, the Mighty Machines episodes, the dishes, laundry, endless cleaning… (While writing this, sitting next to the tub while Ez played, he dumped an entire bucket of water on our tiny bathroom floor AND pulled our {very brave} kitty from her perch on the tub ledge into the tub. Unhappy kitty, and unhappy me because I’m the one who had to fish her out, her claws digging into my arm. Poor thing.) Between the everything that we do during the day, there’s not much time for US. Ya know?

Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself. Boiling a pot of water for some tea and sitting down to write during naptime… That’s my thing… For me. And I love chai. So I want to share with you my favorites. And let me just start be saying THIS IS NOT AN AD! It’s just me saying hey. This stuff is dang good and if you’re a chai person, try it, and then come tell me I’m your best friend because I told you about it. 
1. Big Train Chamba Chai – my favorite. 

2. David Rio Vanilla Chai – this one is a big sweet, but they have other flavors as well that are less so… This one is also caffeine free!

3. Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte Mix

Also, in my searches, like just now, I saw there is an entire website dedicated to selling all brands of chai. HA! The last two I found being sold there. Umm kind of amazing. (I got my Chamba at Costco but I think it may have been seasonal. 

That’s it! If you made it this far into my obsessive chai post, you deserve an award.  Have a very chai-ful day! (Cheerful… 😁 sorry I said that.)


@marylaurenClay came home for lunch today excited that nobody had won the lottery the last time around. If you aren’t aware… it is up toward 1.4 billion… or something. We both have a pretty good feeling that if we bought a ticket, way may just win. HA!

So we decided to do a little brainstorming on what we would do with the money…

  1. Hire a nanny and go on a month long vacation. Nanny and Ezra are both invited. If you would like to apply for this nanny position, just comment below. We will pay well, you’ll have plenty of beach/pool time, we just ask you babysit while we go to dinner.
  2. We would sell our house. And then buy two large homes right on the bluff… one for us, and one for guests. Again, if you would like to visit, just comment below. We will be taking free reservations starting from the time we win the lottery.
  3. We will give lots of money to… well… lots of people.
  4. Clay would quit his job and we would both focus on our “dream jobs”. Mine may or may not include playing with monkeys, dolphins and puppies. All at the same time.

That’s about how far we got. We then decided it would be very stressful to win the lottery. Lots of pressure. We also decided that our lives right now really aren’t that bad because Clay gets to come home for lunch and we get to have these conversations, sitting on the kitchen floor while Ezra plays in the next room. Life is good people, and to be honest, I don’t know if winning the lottery would make it that much better. (it might. maybe. ok, yeah, I think it would make life just a little tiny bit better.)headedsomewhere signature


The idea of setting new year’s resolutions has always overwhelmed me. I feel like I am setting myself up for failure after so many years of setting high in the sky goals only to think in the back of my mind they were never going to happen… which only led to… well, not happening.

So for the past few years, I have bypassed this tradition. But this year is different. This year IS different. I had so many times last year where I thought “I really need to get this together” or “this could be better.” So I am choosing now to make it work this year. IT WILL WORK! But only with my new plan. 🙂

Instead of writing down 12 goals/behavioral changes for the entire year, I have decided to change one thing per month. And by the law of the 21 days to create a habit, by the end of the year, I should have 12 new healthy habits! Right?

So here is goes. Writing it here for all to see to keep me a little bit accountable.

January: Drink more water. At least one full canister a day.
February: Cook at home at home more, meal plan every Sunday and grocery shop on Monday. (Eating out only 4 times a week. This sounds like a lot but that would be a huge improvement for us.)
March:Read more REAL books with REAL life pages. Nothing digital.
April: Find time to run once a week. (again, this is sad, but would be a huge improvement.)
May: Spend time every morning with Ezra meditating, stretching and doing small exercises.
June: Spend less time on your phone. Save work until Ezzy’s bedtime.
July: Write in a gratitude journal every night.
August: Be more organized with scheduling work.
September: Say “yes” more often to social events and plan something this month. (we are mostly home bodies over here.)
October: Set aside two Friday’s a month for date night.
November: Take time for yourself twice a month.
December: Seek out opportunities to serve others and follow through.

Clay and I both have bigger goals for our family as well that we have written down. They are a little more personal, and some we hold close to our heart. But writing down these small, everyday habits I think will make for a great year!

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Cucumber + Lime

(I like to press the mint a little bit before putting it in the infuser, it helps it open up more and gives more of a minty flavor!)

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What were some of your resolutions? Did you write them down?
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