Silk Sheet Dreamin’ + The Beauty Pillowcase

Silk Sheets

As a kid I always had this thing with red silk sheets. I can’t really pinpoint where it came from. I have vague memories of a scene in Home Alone where Macaulay Culkin wakes up in his parent’s bed in a red silk robe and red silk sheets…? Perhaps this is where the obsession began. I remember researching to purchase silk sheets with my own money when I was very young. This is in the dial-up era where each web page would take 5 minutes to upload. The research was strenuous and tedious, didn’t get very far. I never, in my life have attained these silk sheets.

Okay, so here I am, 27 years old and they’re still on my mind. I think I may finally pull the trigger. In my research, I have found that silk is one of the earliest inventions in Chinese history.  Silk has been produced from the prehistoric civilization period, still today it is one of the most beautiful, the most environmentally friendly materials.

Headed Somewhere - OOSILK100% Pure Silk bedding is becoming increasingly popular, due to its positive impact on people’s skin! Can you imagine!? Having a pillowcase or set of sheets that was actually doing something great for your skin while you slept?! 

The silk pillowcase is a so-called “beauty pillowcase”. More than 97% of the silk made of animal protein that contains eighteen kinds of amino acids necessary to the human body to maintain clean skin and increase skin cell vitality. Silk is different from cotton and chemical fiber; the chemical structure of silk is very similar to human skin, so it has a great effect on nourishing and protecting the skin. Using 100% natural silk as raw materials of a silk bed feels very soft, cool, and it will in every possible way caress your skin and keep your face and body silky smooth. It also can keep the hair soft. Silk attached on the skin by contact friction has many beneficial effects to human skin–moisturizing, anti-aging, preventing hardening of the arteries, promoting wound healing, assisting decreased white blood cells, and other special functions. Silk is incredible. Who knew, as a kid, I was really on to something.

Headed Somewhere - OOSILK

OOSilk is a silk home textile brand selling luxury silk bedding. The silk pillowcase from OOSilk can give you a healthy and comfortable sleep environment. Their products are made with 100% Grade A mulberry silk, which has the highest quality among all kinds of silk. All of the products are certified to OEKO-Tex Standard 100. 19 mm Silk Housewife Pillowcase in pure silk is the most sumptuous pillowcase available anywhere, machine washable, no zipper, chemical-free. I am kind of obsessed with the white silk duvet, soooo luxurious.

So there you have it. I’ve done the research for you. Silk sheets that will turn my childhood dreams into a reality and do my adult self a whole lot of good in the beauty department. 

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Okay, serrrrriously. Where did this week go!? I know, I say this basically every week. But it is stressing me out how fast time is flying! I feel like it is becoming a problem, like life is flying by at a pace I just cannot keep up with! Maybe I am missing things! Maybe because time is going by so fast I won’t be able to remember the little moments later on! Maybe I need to change my schedule? Maybe I worry too much. Thank you for reading my vent.

I want to share with you my go-to blogs. When I feel I’m in need of a little creativity pick-me-up, I pop on over to any of these sites and am instantly inspired.. These websites/blogs will blow your mind with beautiful day-to-day rants, diy ideas, yummy grub, and fabulous interiors.

1 // Houzz

2 // Grey and Scout

3 // Piece of Cake Peace of Mind

4 // Oh Happy Day

5 // Atlantic Pacific

6 // Inspired To Share

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Check em’ out and let me know what you think! I am constantly looking for inspiration! Where do you find yours? Any good websites or blogs you know about? SEND THE MY WAY!


Light & Airy

Spring is finally here and there is nothing I want more than to open my windows, doors, and let in some FRESH air! These spaces scream spring and everything spring entails: Light, bright, airy and serene.
The old me, from 2011, believed that a wall unpainted, or left stark white was more boring than ordering pepperoni pizza at a gourmet pizza parlor. (sorry Clay, but it’s true.) Since then, my mind has done a complete 180 and the vast white wall is looking enticing for some reason. I love these spring spaces with their clean lines and touches of the outdoors here and there. I’m inspired to bring the outside in this spring!

:: 10 plants you can’t kill ::

plant collage

I was once told that it impossible to kill succulents. False. This is way false. I have killed many. I am an overbearing, over-nurturing mother who will not quit watering. So I found this list on Pinterest that may turn some things around for me… and maybe give me the upper hand in plant ownership.

Find the whole list here!


a sneak peek


I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on my window and the universe pulling me to the nearest wifi connection. It has been DAYSSS since I visited my blog, we were beginning to grow apart. “You must blog today,” the universe told me… and so I shall. It made it a little easier when the ATT U-verse man showed up at my door this morning bearing gifts of wireless internet and happiness.

I have spent the last week unpacking, decorating, unpacking, searching craigslist and thrift stores for hidden treasures, and unpacking. I have obsessed over the lamp that will adorn the corner of my living room, purchased 2, took them back… I FINALLY settled on one that I was almost satisfied with, BUT then I found the West Elm Antler lamp I coveted for so long… on craigslist… for 40 dollars. So I will go get that today. I need a life. In the worst way.

This wall is my fave so far. Almost everything on that wall was a gift from someone I love. Reminds me of happy times.

I also found this awesome new way to hang photos.

This wall display system is modern, chic, and allows you to get the clean gallery look you want! Might have to do this on one of my barren walls. More pics to come as soon as everything starts coming together! I am loving my new little town. Encinitas is beautiful. And I am happy.


the half inch garden

microgreens herbs omletI have always wanted to be Martha Stewart. I remember writing about her in my 5th grade journal on “the best way to make a bed.” It seems strange now that a 12 year old was longing to be a 40-something domestic goddess. But just take out the Martha scandal and prison time, and to me, she is just about perfect. So here, she has done it again, (most likely it  was someone on the Martha team, but of course, she still gets all the credit. Can I please be on the Martha team? PLEASE?!) Okay, so anyway, on her website she gives step by step directions on how to grow in-home herbs and “micro-greens”. I love this idea. I have grown wheatgrass and sprouts in my kitchen before and have loved watching them grow. This also solves the mega-problem of the molding cilantro in my fridge after I used the 12 leaves for my tacos. I hate wasting the rest of the bunch! This way, you cut it when you need it. BRILLIANT! And it looks beautiful, giving me the sense that I am oh so domesticated, growing my own herbs in my own kitchen. BRAVO MARTHA!


a collage creation: minus johnny depp and mariah carey

wall collage 5 wall collage stripe wall collage 3 wall collage 2 wall collage 4 wall collage 6 wall collageAs a young teenager, I could spend hours sitting on my bedroom floor creating collages out of snippets from my seventeen magazine. Mariah Carey, Johnny Depp, and the latest Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture Fragrance ads covered the walls of my closet and my school notebooks were collaged to perfection. Those days have long gone and the thought of spending tedious hours on the floor cutting small tidbits from magazines seems like a serious chore… and not so chic, really. So here is a fabulous way I can still feed that inner need to collage in a more… sophisticated way. I love the third picture. They didn’t stop at just framed artwork. Necklaces, bottles, candles, and keys also adorn these walls. This gives me some inspiration and a reason to search for neat knick knacks to add to the collage creation!


bryan nash gill :: woodcut

tree trunk printred tree trunktree trunk 2Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 6.22.35 PMwoodcut

Update: It is January third. 3 days since I vowed to love this state. I vowed to treat it like my home and my favorite place to be for the next year. Update: This is very hard when it is below freezing for a week straight. Just sayin. It will be easier to love Utah in the Spring. Does anyone have any wonderful ideas of what to do to make freezing weather the best thing ever? Seriously, I would love your suggestion.

Today I am falling for Bryan Nash Gill. His artwork is fresh, organic, and will be the newest edition to my living room revamp project. (dining room, bedroom, and well, probably my entire house will also be included in this revamp.) The book may have to accompany a print. Probably. Yes, it will. Get it >> here!

Just a sidenote: If you haven’t seen Les Miserables yet, you should. I can’t get the soundtrack out of my head. I think it was in there all night long, keeping me up, causing me to have in and out dreams of revolution and weddings. I give it 5 stars. Or is it 4 stars? How ever many stars are the highest amount of stars a movie can get, that’s what I give it.

currently obsessing // this amazing space

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 2.01.33 PMScreen shot 2013-01-02 at 2.02.15 PMScreen shot 2013-01-02 at 2.02.05 PMI was floored when I stumbled upon Darby’s workspace of Field Guide Design via Lottie Loves. To me, this is complete perfection. I would DIE to have a space like this for myself to go and be crafty and inspired. She is also the creator of so many awesome products that you just MUST see: woven record covers, inlayed wooden pocket knife necklaces, and her etsy shop is fabulous to say the least.

This space puts my old dilapidated cardboard box, on the top shelf of the closet, filled with all my crafting glitter, chalk, paper and stamps to shame. DEEP DEEP shame. The deepest shame possible, really.

Oh, and just a note. This space is in an old victorian home in upstate New York… just to put a cherry on top of it all.

Check out Lottie Loves, I am sure you will fall in blog love as I did!


daydreaming // cozy abodes


I often find myself escaping to places like these in my mind. Water seems to be therapeutic for me, I long to be near it. I would love to have a small place on the water someday. Any water, really. A place where we can go, relax, read a good book, think, and nothing else. Phones and laptops will be left at home and the only sound is the water lapping on the shore… and maybe a fire crackling. Yes, a fire must be crackling.

Where is your happy place? Where does your daydreaming mind take you?