Our “Boho Baby” Nursery Reveal

Yay! It’s finished! I can’t even tell you how happy I am. And how happy Clay is… 😂 maybe more happy than me. No more trips to Target, Home Goods, World Market… he was starting to go nuts… but such a good sport. HA!

When diving into the planning of this nursery, I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted. I just sort of started shopping. I found the crib first, knew which print I wanted to put above it, and went from there. To be quite honest, there were a bunch of cribs that I had my eyes on… some were really expensive. I had decided I wanted to splurge on the crib and have it for other babies in our future! But when I saw this crib from IKEA, I couldn’t pass it up! I absolutely love the minimalist look… the raw (non-toxic) wood,  simple design, AND insanely cheap price tag… I knew it was the one. P.S: Links to mostly EVERYTHING are below. 😊 

Sooo I went from there. I had originally put in our red vintage oriental rug, which I loved. But my dining room was really missing it and looking pretty bare (and its really good at hiding all food stains/crumbs)… so back it went. 😂 I found this one and decided it was more fitting for a baby’s room because it is OH SO SOFT!

Ya know those plastic Eames rocking chairs that were crazy popular for a minute? They’re super comfortable and perfect for nursing in the middle of the night… NOT!!! Like, why when I was decorating Ezra’s nursery did I think that was a good idea? Can’t even tell you how much I hated that chair. It’s a great chair, yeah, but not for sitting for long periods of time while in zombie sleep mode.

ANYWAY!!! I vowed this time to buy a chair that was comfortable and that glides. I didn’t even really care what it looked like, I was going to be ok with the ugliest chair on the planet as long as it was comfy. BUT luckily I found this one! HA! It’s a mesh between stylish and comfortable. AND it reclines which is a plus. No more giving up comfort for design. Way over that. Not worth it. At all. Like never again will that happen. 😉 

We found this dresser on Craigslist already finished. It’s vintage… and a little wonky. 😂 It bends in the middle and the drawers aren’t exactly straight. HAHA But I love it… for those reasons. The little houses are at Target in the crafting section for like $6 each! Such a steal and a super cheap way to fill those walls. (links at the bottom.)

s h o p

I love that so many of the things in this room are from my favorite small shops. I have linked all of them if you want to see. The banner and brass hook are a couple of my favorites, and I can’t get over this mobile!!!! Oh my goodness. I feel like it totally makes the room and brings it all together. It was gifted to me by Bellabloom Kids… the sweetest gift. 💕

The photo above the crib is also sold in our shop. It is by one of my favorite photographers of all time @mandinelson_ When I first saw this photo over a year ago, I knew I wanted it to go in our baby’s room someday. It’s just so sweet and simple.

s h o p

Just a little friend from Auntie. 🦁

s h o p

One of my baby must haves is the linen ring sling. I have a few, all from Wildbird, (linked above) and couldn’t live without them. Learning to wear your babe in a ring sling has a bit of a learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, it’s one of the easiest, most convenient AND stylish ways to wear your babe. After a few times, the fabric gets really soft and just molds to you and your baby. I would recommend just loosening the fabric in the ring when taking your baby out instead of taking the fabric all the way out. That way, you have a loop that is shaped exactly how you want and all you have to do is tighten!

Also, have you guys seen these little characters from Hazel Village? Seriously so cute. I follow their IG account and watching their stories of them making these teeny tiny hats and clothes for their creatures is kind of amazing. 😍

Can’t wait for this peanut to get here! Only a few short days. ☺ Hope he loves this space as much as I do.

s h o p

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