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Chai Lattes in between diaper changes and stuff.

  Between the diaper changes, the hours on the floor with trains, the Mighty Machines episodes, the dishes, laundry, endless cleaning… (While writing this, sitting next to the tub while Ez played, he dumped an entire bucket of water on our tiny bathroom floor AND pulled our {very brave} kitty from her perch on the tub ledge into the tub. Unhappy kitty, and unhappy me because I’m the one who had to fish her out, her claws digging into my arm. Poor thing.) Between the everything that we do during the day, there’s not much time for US. Ya know?

Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself. Boiling a pot of water for some tea and sitting down to write during naptime… That’s my thing… For me. And I love chai. So I want to share with you my favorites. And let me just start be saying THIS IS NOT AN AD! It’s just me saying hey. This stuff is dang good and if you’re a chai person, try it, and then come tell me I’m your best friend because I told you about it. 
1. Big Train Chamba Chai – my favorite. 

2. David Rio Vanilla Chai – this one is a big sweet, but they have other flavors as well that are less so… This one is also caffeine free!

3. Trader Joe’s Spicy Chai Latte Mix

Also, in my searches, like just now, I saw there is an entire website dedicated to selling all brands of chai. HA! The last two I found being sold there. Umm kind of amazing. (I got my Chamba at Costco but I think it may have been seasonal. 

That’s it! If you made it this far into my obsessive chai post, you deserve an award.  Have a very chai-ful day! (Cheerful… 😁 sorry I said that.)

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