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Stowaway Cosmetics: Just makes Sense

@marylaurenStowaway is my new make-up obsession. I was first drawn to Stowaway because of their sleek branding and marketing style. But there is so much more once you look into it. The photo below shows about HALF of my reject makeup. The stuff I don’t, (and most likely won’t ever), use again. Think of all the money that is wasted there! Jeez!

Stowaway offers sizes smaller than usual that you can carry with you on the go AND you can finish, throwing it away because it is gone! Not to mention, their makeup is pretty great too. I love their concealer because I have some pretty bad melasma from pregnancy on my upper lip that is hard to conceal, but their stuff does the trick easily. And their bb cream is perfect. I’m also obsessed with the scarlet lipstick for a night on the town.

Get an additional FREE lipstick with your kit purchase. Please select your unique shades then add a free lipstick of your choice to your cart. Use code HEADEDSOMEWHERE at checkout. Go give them a peep! It’s something so unique and just makes sense. LOVE YOU STOWAWAY!@marylauren@marylauren @marylauren

Soo a few disclaimers before we begin this video…

  1. I am no make-up expert. But I have been putting make-up on my face every day for abouuuut 14 years, so maybe that gives me SOME credibility? ha!
  2. This is my first make-up tutorial and you guys… it is so awkward filming yourself… talking… to yourself. I don’t know how those youtubers do it.
  3. I have never really used brushes… I just wash my hands thoroughly with soap before and after. I have always thought brushes and sponges suck up my makeup and make me break out. That’s just me.
  4. The contour stick and a dark powder for my eyebrows is the only thing I use that isn’t stowaway.

Shades: fair bb cream, fair concealer, burnt rose creme blush, champagne and scarlet lipsticks.

Let it roll! 🙂

Stowaway Make-Up from Lauren on Vimeo.

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