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Thoughts on the lottery and such…

@marylaurenClay came home for lunch today excited that nobody had won the lottery the last time around. If you aren’t aware… it is up toward 1.4 billion… or something. We both have a pretty good feeling that if we bought a ticket, way may just win. HA!

So we decided to do a little brainstorming on what we would do with the money…

  1. Hire a nanny and go on a month long vacation. Nanny and Ezra are both invited. If you would like to apply for this nanny position, just comment below. We will pay well, you’ll have plenty of beach/pool time, we just ask you babysit while we go to dinner.
  2. We would sell our house. And then buy two large homes right on the bluff… one for us, and one for guests. Again, if you would like to visit, just comment below. We will be taking free reservations starting from the time we win the lottery.
  3. We will give lots of money to… well… lots of people.
  4. Clay would quit his job and we would both focus on our “dream jobs”. Mine may or may not include playing with monkeys, dolphins and puppies. All at the same time.

That’s about how far we got. We then decided it would be very stressful to win the lottery. Lots of pressure. We also decided that our lives right now really aren’t that bad because Clay gets to come home for lunch and we get to have these conversations, sitting on the kitchen floor while Ezra plays in the next room. Life is good people, and to be honest, I don’t know if winning the lottery would make it that much better. (it might. maybe. ok, yeah, I think it would make life just a little tiny bit better.)headedsomewhere signature

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