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Headed Somewhere Fall Favorites

Cashmere Blend Beanie – 39 // H&M V-Neck Sweater – 23 // Brixton Tiller Hat – 54 // Madewell Buffalo Check Blouse – 74 // Penfield Fleece Vest – 105 // H&M Vegan Leather Leggings – 20 // H&M Wool Blend Coat – 99 // Madewell High Rise Skinny Bristol Wash -135 // Free People Hybrid Heel Boot – 198 // Madewell The Robin Mule – 168

I have been on a Fall strike through the entire month of September. I have been in full force refusal mode to acknowledge that “fall” is happening before it actually happens. Let’s stop jumping the gun people! Why are we all drinking $5 PSL’s when it is still 97 degrees outside? And why does the Pumpkin Spice Latte have an acronym? And why are we paying $5 for a beverage? (I am sure I will… just asking.) Also, let’s cool it with the Christmas decorations… alright Target?! For Pete’s sake! Let’s let summer leave with a little dignity!

But now that Fall is here… LET US CELEBRATE!!!!

I am a true fall lover… except for living in San Diego, we don’t really get that “fall feelin”… no fall smell, no fall leaves, no cider mills, (we do have starbucks and pumpkin spiced drinks though…) I mean, we have a little bit of fall… It’s just not the real deal. It’s a fall knock-off.

So this year I have planned a trip to Massachusetts & Maine in October. The fall MECCA!!!! Leaves, cider mills, apple picking, tractor rides, cranberry bogs, pumpkin festivals, not to mention white picket fence beaches, lobster rolls, ferries and lighthouses.


So in the spirit of the season, I wanted to show you all that I am obsessing over. Ideally, all of these pieces would be coming to the Northeast with me. But, budgets say otherwise. Ugh, budgets. I’ll pick two or three pieces perhaps, instead. 🙂

What are you loving this fall??

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