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Headed Somewhere BlogMy husband Clay runs a little surf company on the side of his everyday accounting job. It keeps him entertained, he loves it and maybe someday it won’t be a “side gig” anymore, but turn into something bigger! Who knows. 

Last night we had to go to the beach to let a customer demo one of his boards. We had never done a demo and I felt we were going out of our way for a guys who was actually very rude on the phone. But Clay, being the nice guy he is, was so accommodating to him in EVERY way. I was so annoyed we had to spend our evening here. I was annoyed because I had made plans in my head and our evening wasn’t going to go exactly as I had imagined.

Wait. I was seriously ANNOYED?! I pouted and didn’t want to go HERE?! What is wrong with me…?

I should have felt lucky that I was able to spend the evening with my family on a beautiful beach at sunset. (Turns our demo-ing a board means letting the guy paddle around for a few minutes while we hang out on the beach.) As I was running around the sand with Ezra and watching Clay make him laugh harder than I have ever heard him laugh, time seemed to slow down and I DID feel lucky. Nothing else seemed important. I was grateful and happy to be where I was at that moment. All of the plans I had in my head didn’t seem important. All the errands I needed to run could wait another day because these two guys are my world and they’re all that really matter in the end.Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere Blog Headed Somewhere BlogHeaded Somewhere Blog

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