inspo for a lazy thursday afternoon

The babe is asleep, the house is quiet, only the sound of the window air conditioning unit is humming in my ear. I’m diffusing lavender and lemon and playing a little Debussy trying to decompress from an exhausting morning. I’ve opened all the windows to let in the cool breeze…  and I’m sure you’re thinking,”then you should turn off the ac unit.” my answer to that is… “you sound like my husband and no I like it on.”

Spending this nap time searching for a little inspiration via el web… I should be picking up from this morning’s tornado that hit the living room… but I will leave that for a later time. I am starting a new project. Ever since I quit my accounting job, I have felt the need to explore and create on my own. To build something from the ground up, something I am inspired by, something to call my own and be proud of. I have jumped around and flip flopped for a while now, searching for just the right thing. I’ve put my hands in this ‘n that and finally found something to land on that I am SOO excited about. So below is a little mood board of sorts to give you an idea of what’s in the future. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but I’ll just say its going to be gooooood.



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