Dear Future Self

Headed Somewhere BlogThere are days that this little life of mine doesn’t seem real. Where I feel so lucky it makes me feel a little tinge of guilt. How could I be this lucky? This sweet babe calls me mama. He is growing and developing in a healthy, active body everyday. He is learning so much, he is so smart. And this little boy has a father who loves him so much, and who also loves me…. And tells me everyday. Some days I just can’t even believe it all.

Then there are days where I forget all of this… Too many days. Where I feel sad and lonely and everything just seems too hard. So today, while I am feeling every joy of this blissful life, I am writing it down. For my future self to read.

Dear Future Self:

Stop being sad right this minute. There is absolutely nothing to be sad about. This is what you wanted. Your life is beautiful. Go enjoy it.


Your happy self.     

Headed Somewhere Blog IMG_0890-0.jpg IMG_0886-1.jpg IMG_1039-0.jpg IMG_1021.JPG  Today was beautiful.

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