superfood cookies // seriously. they’re good for you.

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When someone says it’s a treat that’s “good for you”, I am immediately skeptical. So I was with this recipe I found on These sorry bananas had been eyeing me for a good week, every day getting darker and darker, and everyday I am feeling worse and worse about wasting them. So what the heck. Thought I might as well give these healthy cookies a go. Best part, they only called for two absolutely necessary ingredients. The rest are optional. That’s it! Couldn’t be any easier.

Turns out, they’re pretty darn good. It’s never been easy for me to snack healthy. I’ve been on the lookout for yummy little bits that I can grab and go throughout the day. Anyone have any suggestions? 

Let me know how you like!


p.s. the cookie on top looks like a face. funny.


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      A lot of the pictures on my blog are taking by Erin Fonnesbeck Photography. But my personal photos are just edited on my iphone! I use a couple apps, I like VSCO best.

  1. clj says

    I like anything that you can fit on a healthy cracker: fruit and cheese, or smoked salmon and cucumbers.

  2. lindsay Goldfine says

    YUM I’m trying this. Do you follow eating whole on instagram? (Or maybe you’re the one who told ME to follow?) Anyway she posts good healthy treats too. I made an amazing chocolate mousse that was also “healthy” :)

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