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2 Weeks :: A Film Shoot with Kavin

36460015 36460021 36460010 36460009 36460012 36460004 36460003 36460008 36460022 36460030 36460031 36460025These pictures pull at my heartstrings. Ezra was wide awake during this whole shoot and didn’t make more than a little baby grunt. He is pretty easy going, VERY tolerant, we got lucky. I jumped at the chance to have Kavin take pictures of our new little family. He is awesome. These pictures are different than any others we have. They were shot with 35 mm film, each photo was thought out very carefully. Kav explained he loved film for that very reason. “You can’t just go to a shoot and click away.” You have to make sure each “click” is something you will be proud of.

Thank you so much for doing this shoot for us Kavin! We love them so much!

Kavin Lindgren



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