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Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 10.00.56 PM1 // Nate Berkus Bone Lattice Frame  2 // Jesslyn Blake Backpack  3 // Clarisonic  4 // Seychelles Glitter Flats  5 // Do’s and Don’ts for Husbands and Wives 1913 (super hilarious books) 6 // Jenni Kayne D’Orsay Flats  7 // Botanic Shea Butter  8 // Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer  9 // Zara Leather Ankle Boot  10 // Mac Lipstick in Russian Red  11 // Nate Berkus Hexagon Tray  12 // Space Dye Terry Pants  13 // Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto


I woke up Christmas morning feeling the familiar rush of excitement, the same I felt as a little kid. However, the small tinge of Christmas morning disappointment was gone… you know, the realization that Santa hadn’t whisked me away on his sleigh in the dark of night. By now, I know that is never happening… I have come to grips with that. But the excitement of Christmas morning was there in full force. This year, it was more that I was SO DANG excited to give my painstakingly thoughtful gifts to everyone else! I know, weird, right? I must be growing up. But this doesn’t mean I can’t still be VERY excited to share what I GOT for Christmas. I have vivid memories of calling up each one of my friends Christmas morning, after all present unwrapping madness had ceased, looking at my gleaming pile of new and shiny things. I wanted my friends to know EACH AND EVERY tinker toy I received because after all, what was mine was theirs, and they seemed just as excited as I was to hear about the new doll house and polly pocket set. Alas, this year no phone calls were made… even though maybe I wanted to a little bit. But I still want to tell you all of the fabulous and thoughtful gifts I received with all of you! Because I am very excited. After all, receiving IS the SECOND best part of gifting. 🙂 So here are just a few faves of the gifting season… (some are birthday presents… but being on the 30th, it all kind of blends together.) So thank you to all who love me… because you must love me a lot. And I you. 🙂

Happy Happy New Year!! What are some favorite things you gave or received?


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