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Life seems to be treating me pretty well lately. I don’t have one single complaint. I had my first REAL baby dream the other night… (the first few where I was giving birth to my little dog don’t count.) This dream was so vivid. He was MY baby. I remember just loving him sooo much and when I woke up, I was so sad that he wasn’t here yet! I am just now starting to get really excited for this whole adventure. I mean… I have been “excited”… but it was a different kind of excitement. It was more nervous excitement. This is like a Christmas morning excitement where you feel jittery and just can’t wait one more single moment! I’m gonna love this little guy… I just know it. 🙂

1 // His first Bear

2// I probably have the cutest nephew of all time. Seriously.

3 // An impromptu maternity photo shoot while at the beach.

4 // The nursery is coming right along…

I know there are a few new and expecting mommies out there… when did you start feeling your first REAL excitement?

Have a happy weekend!



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