a fancy pants party


I have started to realize how difficult it is trying to dress “fancy” while pregnant. I mean, my everyday looks IS NOT fancy. It should be, given the place I work, but it’s not. I usually wear black pants, (tied with a rubber band of course), and a white shirt. So when we were asked to go to a benefit dinner for the International Relief Team, I panicked. I cannot even begin to tell you how many dresses I tried on, how many different stores I went to, how many tears were shed, (alright, I’m being a little dramatic), but seriously. It was a lot. I finally settled on the most plain jane, rouched, “little black dress”. Can’t go wrong. Hid everything under there that needs to be hidden. No drama necessary.

Anyway, let’s get to the important stuff… I wanted to share how touched I was by the GENEROSITY of everyone at this benefit. IRT travels around the world giving aid to people after natural disasters, providing medical and dental care to those less fortunate, and helping to build overall healthy communities. The people at this were so inspiring, it seemed that money was no object, that they were so willing to reach out and help people they would never meet. It is pretty amazing how many good people there are out there. I need to try and remember this most days.

Who have you noticed lately that has given more than expected? To you or to someone else? I have been keeping my eyes open. The world seems to be a better place when the little things are noticed and appreciated. Hope you have a beautiful, fabulous day!

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