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The sounds of summer are slowly fading. And I am okay with that. The cool breezes remind me of scarves, boots, and sweaters… & caramel apples, pies, and pumpkin cookies are just around the corner. (clothes and dessert get me really excited I guess.) But this summer was jam packed with so many adventures and I want to make sure to document everything that happened. So here we go. (Now is about the time you can stop reading because it’s just a bunch of jibber jabber journal remembering). Unless you really want to, which is okay too. : )

Numero Uno. Exploring sunken pirate ships in Bermuda 2. Bonfires on the beach 3. Sand storms in Arizona 4. Last Chance in AZ where I found a bunch of Tory Burch shoes and a Kate Spade bag for KILLER deal. That place is an adventure in itself! 5. Hiking (or halfway hiking) Angel’s landing in ZNP. I swear I had a really good reason to stop. And I’ve been to the top before, so WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?! 6. Sitting on the lawn at the lodge and eating ice cream instead of finishing the hike. 7. Private Island Hopping in Bermuda 8. Playing “BIG BOOTY” around the camp fire 9. Glamping at Leo Carillo and hittin’ up the Malibu Country Mart for some fab shopping. (Glamping means I didn’t camp at all. Actually slept in a bed. In a very nice home while my friends slept in the dirt.) 10. Celebrating our 1 year anniversary day by eating the best hamburger of my life at Eureka in La Jolla. (It had fig on it! We’re pretty fancy.) 11. Meeting my beautiful new nephew Eli Hart for the first time. 12. Surfing in my new wetsuit for a total of 20 minutes before calling it a day. 12. Bawling my eyes out in Disneyland when Dumbo came out after the fireworks show to the lullaby song. (Very emotional.)

Looking at my list, nothing seems THAT crazy adventurous I guess. But that’s what I’ve got. And when I look at the big picture, my summer seemed pretty great.

Tell me about your summer adventures!! NOW!!!

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