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… it’s been one year …

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Alright all you people out there who are reading my bloggy blog… I NEED YOUR HELP!!! Clay and I have been married for one year as of June 23rd… (WOOHOOOO YIPEEE!!! Best year ever. really. seriously.) So we are trying to plan a small get-away. Probably a Thursday to a Monday… so pretty short.

We have been racking our brains all night and searching online… I’m pretty much pooped and have run out of ideas. So I am putting it up for your input.

Here are the stipulations:

We want to be able to take the dogs because we love them… (mainly because we know how much Reggie hates doggy day care.)

We want to be able to drive (again, the dog thing.) We live in San Diego. So maybe… 10 hours or less from there.

Um… that’s it. We are pretty open to ANYTHING!

I would love to hear your travel experiences and ANY suggestions you have on where to go, where to stay, what to do to make our one year anniversary so special!

Thanks guys!!! 🙂


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