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slow dancing and cereal

photo-19Pinterest, I have decided is a little bit of a curse. Yes, yes… it is also a blessing; every recipe imaginable, a work out for any lazy body, and a solution to just about any problem can be found here. But I am starting to realize how many hours I am spending dreaming about my “next house”… and for WHAAAAT?!  Description of next house: grand marble staircase in the entrance with a dual split halfway up the stairs (kind of like the one in Beauty in the Beast when Belle comes down the stairs in that fabulous yellow gown.) There will be luscious topiaries, a fountain, and white pillars in the front yard. The kitchen will have 50 foot ceilings complete with a fireplace and our home will be filled with all the best designer modern furniture possible. Our grand piano will have it’s own room, (with a mosaic tile floor) complete with swinging glass doors and famous artwork on the walls. What does your Pinterest home look like?! I could go on… really… every room is planned; but I will spare you.

So here is goes. I have decided to stop the madness. I mean, who can afford that at age 25 anyway?! Or ever! I can dream for the future I guess… but for now I need to learn to be happy in my little 1100 sq. foot condo…

where the kitchen is messy, and cold cereal is the norm for dinner. (yeah, I’m a bad wife). Our dining room table is always covered with my crafting supplies so it is basically out of commission. The bed is never made and the mirrors never sparkling. But we are happy here.

We slow dance in the kitchen, (intermittently between cereal bites), blast music while sitting on the counters sharing stories from the day, and spend lots of time on the floor with the dogs. Who needs a grand staircase and grand piano anyhow? What would I do? Walk around my house in heels and lipstick? (I also picture myself this way when I imagine my “dream home”) But that’s not even me and we all know that would never happen.

So here’s to now… here’s to loving the place I’m in and who I am here with… and to loving my dirty kitchen.


Just found this home fragrance line that will add a little glamour to your humble abode; I may need to pick one up soon!

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