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san clemente // the hidden gem

photo 5 photo 4 photo 2The little hotel Clay used to stay at as a kid. Right on the beach overlooking the pier. “Best surf spot in town”.

photo 3photo 1I feel like I am the last person on this planet to know San Clemente.

It was almost as if we had been teleported that Saturday, whisked away during our northbound drive, (probably somewhere between oceanside and Camp Pendleton), and came out on the other side to a beautiful vacation destination. It did not feel like home; or California at all for that matter. The sun felt warmer, the sand whiter, and food tastier. Was this paradise? Perhaps. But everyone else seemed to call this place San

We had breakfast on a little street-side cafe just across from the ocean, (and the train), offering prime real estate for people watching. We walked down to the beach, under the pier, and around the shops, deciding on some mango yogurt somewhere along the way. Although we were only there for a few hours, there was something that felt different about that place and I LOVED it! We will definitely be back. I love you San Clemente!photo-16


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