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dog beaches are the best beaches

reggie photo 2-3 photo-14 I have found that most days there is a high cloud cover that blankets most of Encinitas. I never knew about this until we moved here… and through talking with people have found that many stay away from living on the beach because of the gray. It is funny, when you drive inland about 5-10 minutes, skies are blue without a cloud in the sky, but if you look toward the ocean, you can see a gray wall that lines the water perfectly. After much consideration, I have decided I don’t mind being blanketed in gray. It makes the blue days that much better.

Our typical day: 2 dirty dogs needing baths, beach walks, gray sweaters, high messy pony tails, and Clay usually repping his Lakers hat (even after their terrible loss… sometimes I wonder if he even cares about basketball. He calls himself a Lakers fan, but we haven’t watched a game in over a year…)

Encinitas is starting to feel like home.


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