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This week has been a complete blur. My laundry is piled sky high, dishes are left in my sink, and the house is a war zone. I think it has been a few days since I even took a shower. (I know, gross. That’s next on my to-do list.) So my little blog has been regretfully pushed to the wayside. But no fear! I am getting back on track! I am “sharpening the saw” as Dr. Covey would say. Dishes, laundry, nails, dog washes, everything washes, are being done TONIGHT!!

Thank you so much for all your warm wishes and good thoughts you sent my way on the first day of the job!! I love you all and it really made my day better. For real. The job is going great, everyone I work with has been so helpful and fabulous. So thanks again.

Now off I go to conquer a long list of past-dues.

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