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today is hard


I’m sure that as you read this I am at work… first day on the job… and I can assure you I have terrible butterflies. However, you would never know it under my confident smile and serious poker face (when necessary). I have done my best to look astonishingly professional, yet approachable. My heels are high, but not too high. Every piece of me was put together oh so carefully, I feel like its the first day of high school again!… To the point of exhaustion, really… And I’m sure nobody in the office cares. Seriously. My mom always tells me “you can do hard things.” I will be honest, this new job is probably one of the hardest things I have done thus far in my working career. But I am soooo excited for this new adventure! And I’m sure that if you send me good thoughts my way (the office is in La Jolla, so send ’em there), I am bound to have the best first day! Thanks in advance.
: )

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