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I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on my window and the universe pulling me to the nearest wifi connection. It has been DAYSSS since I visited my blog, we were beginning to grow apart. “You must blog today,” the universe told me… and so I shall. It made it a little easier when the ATT U-verse man showed up at my door this morning bearing gifts of wireless internet and happiness.

I have spent the last week unpacking, decorating, unpacking, searching craigslist and thrift stores for hidden treasures, and unpacking. I have obsessed over the lamp that will adorn the corner of my living room, purchased 2, took them back… I FINALLY settled on one that I was almost satisfied with, BUT then I found the West Elm Antler lamp I coveted for so long… on craigslist… for 40 dollars. So I will go get that today. I need a life. In the worst way.

This wall is my fave so far. Almost everything on that wall was a gift from someone I love. Reminds me of happy times.

I also found this awesome new way to hang photos.

This wall display system is modern, chic, and allows you to get the clean gallery look you want! Might have to do this on one of my barren walls. More pics to come as soon as everything starts coming together! I am loving my new little town. Encinitas is beautiful. And I am happy.



  1. CLJ says

    I like you new life already— decorating, exploring, blogging. Real work is going to get in the way soon, so live it up. I love the wall. I recognize the bowl that Clay’s mom gave you. It’s so you—unique, meaningful, and beautiful.

  2. Lindsay johnson says

    I love the wall!!!!! I need to make a wall too and it feels daunting. Yours is so creative and personal I love it. And yayyy for new beginnings!

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