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L I F E  is about to get real C R A Z Y for the next few weeks. So here is the big news. WE ARE MOVING to Encinitas, CA NEXT THURSDAY!!!! The trip last week was a complete success, Clay got the job he wanted and we know which neighborhood we want to be in. Only problem now is… we don’t have a place… exactly… yet. But I am confident we will find a place to call home before the big move day arrives. We may be loading up our lives without knowing where we will unpack our things. Because that’s just how we roll. And usually things work out. Usually.

So when I feel like I can spare a split second amidst the madness, I will detox, browsing the cyber aisles of Etsy…. and without fail will find little gems like these that will take me to a beautiful place of beauty and simplicity. Stefanie Sheehan is the creator of these lovely pieces and I wouldn’t mind adding one or two to my ring collection. She is brilliant. Hope you love as much as I did!

Find her store HERE!


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