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the half inch garden

microgreens herbs omletI have always wanted to be Martha Stewart. I remember writing about her in my 5th grade journal on “the best way to make a bed.” It seems strange now that a 12 year old was longing to be a 40-something domestic goddess. But just take out the Martha scandal and prison time, and to me, she is just about perfect. So here, she has done it again, (most likely it  was someone on the Martha team, but of course, she still gets all the credit. Can I please be on the Martha team? PLEASE?!) Okay, so anyway, on her website she gives step by step directions on how to grow in-home herbs and “micro-greens”. I love this idea. I have grown wheatgrass and sprouts in my kitchen before and have loved watching them grow. This also solves the mega-problem of the molding cilantro in my fridge after I used the 12 leaves for my tacos. I hate wasting the rest of the bunch! This way, you cut it when you need it. BRILLIANT! And it looks beautiful, giving me the sense that I am oh so domesticated, growing my own herbs in my own kitchen. BRAVO MARTHA!


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