a collage creation: minus johnny depp and mariah carey

wall collage 5 wall collage stripe wall collage 3 wall collage 2 wall collage 4 wall collage 6 wall collageAs a young teenager, I could spend hours sitting on my bedroom floor creating collages out of snippets from my seventeen magazine. Mariah Carey, Johnny Depp, and the latest Calvin Klein and Juicy Couture Fragrance ads covered the walls of my closet and my school notebooks were collaged to perfection. Those days have long gone and the thought of spending tedious hours on the floor cutting small tidbits from magazines seems like a serious chore… and not so chic, really. So here is a fabulous way I can still feed that inner need to collage in a more… sophisticated way. I love the third picture. They didn’t stop at just framed artwork. Necklaces, bottles, candles, and keys also adorn these walls. This gives me some inspiration and a reason to search for neat knick knacks to add to the collage creation!


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