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getting personal // marilyn moments and tea

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Here it is: a nod to our recent, and mostly unfortunate quirks we have accumulated.

1. Reggie has found that licking the cement and eating dirt really does strike his fancy.

2. We transformed into a one car couple when our garage door broke and our second car is hopelessly trapped inside. Oh, no biggie, just $900.00 to fix it…

3. Bear has a new fetish for black socks and laying on top of the vent. Lindsay calls this his “Marilyn Moment”.

4. Our new favorite movie to watch together is Pretty Woman. It proves to provide the best of both worlds for Clay and I; business and shopping! Although, I swear I saw a small tear in Clay’s eye when they won’t let her shop. Oh man, that part is so sad.

5. For some reason I wake up every morning at 4:30… and kind of love it. It’s silent, chilly, and the best time to find blogging inspiration.

6. We have become completely obsessed with making tea, after taste testing the orange blossom sample at Teavana.

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