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Update: It is January third. 3 days since I vowed to love this state. I vowed to treat it like my home and my favorite place to be for the next year. Update: This is very hard when it is below freezing for a week straight. Just sayin. It will be easier to love Utah in the Spring. Does anyone have any wonderful ideas of what to do to make freezing weather the best thing ever? Seriously, I would love your suggestion.

Today I am falling for Bryan Nash Gill. His artwork is fresh, organic, and will be the newest edition to my living room revamp project. (dining room, bedroom, and well, probably my entire house will also be included in this revamp.) The book may have to accompany a print. Probably. Yes, it will. Get it >> here!

Just a sidenote: If you haven’t seen Les Miserables yet, you should. I can’t get the soundtrack out of my head. I think it was in there all night long, keeping me up, causing me to have in and out dreams of revolution and weddings. I give it 5 stars. Or is it 4 stars? How ever many stars are the highest amount of stars a movie can get, that’s what I give it.


  1. says

    I am also not a lover of the cold, but being from Nebraska and now living in Kansas, you just have to figure out how to deal with it!

    I recently bought an adorable new hat from Eddie Bauer that keeps me warm, but also makes me feel good. Also, I have discovered recently that there is nothing quite like stepping out into fresh cold air that almost takes your breathe away. It feels so pure and clean to me! I guess it is about perspective.

    Thanks for sharing your blog!

    • says

      This new year’s resolution is turning into much more, and I think it will take a bit of effort on my part. Perspective! That’s it. I will work on changing my perspective. I know that feeling you are talking about. The crispness in the air. Last night I had a little surreal moment to myself, walking under street lamps while it was snowing, it looked just like glitter falling from the sky and I felt absolutely enchanted. It was one of those, “I am going to remember this forever” moments. I think I need to look for those everyday. Change my perspective. Thanks for your wise words. :)

  2. Tiffany says

    Being from Louisiana where cold is 60, I had a huge adjustment period when I moved to the Great Northwest. I live in The Gateway to the Gorge. (You should absolutely look it up if unfamiliar. Truly magnificent.) Not one person let me in on the 90 mile an hour winds that sporadically slice through your body randomly throughout the day. Or that I would be in one of the only areas guaranteed to have snow 3 times a year up to your eyeballs. It has been a fight for me to love my home. But we have now come to a mutual understanding. If it promises to knock my socks off with beauty and stellar weather come summer, I promise to get out and about and cherish the place I live in the winter. Snowshoeing through the woods, elk in my backyard….all of the glorious things I took for granted, show me the beauty of the season. AND don’t forget: I am promised the most amazing summers…so I am all good now!

  3. says

    I love those words from newlyweds4life. :) Absolutely awesome. Here’s the deal though – you will love and appreciate the beautiful Utah spring season so much more when you have to survive the winters. Yes, find something everyday to love about Utah. It really is so pretty.

  4. Ember says

    Utah in the Spring, when you don’t have to do anything, those beautiful bulbs just bloom into flowers! Up through the snow they can even find their way! It always amazed me and that is a memory I keep!

    • says

      I know!!! I LOVE Utah in the spring! One spring my college roommates and I were so surprised when wild tulips took over our backyard, growing among all the weeds. It was so pretty!

  5. CLJ says

    I love the winter wonderland look of winter. My wardrobe also fits a cold climate better because I have a closet full of sweaters. If you can learn to steer in the direction of the skid you’ll be okay, I hear.

  6. CLJ says

    There is nothing more beautiful than the iced waterfalls in Zion Canyon, The end of January brings a little warmer weather so the ice sheets begin to crash down into the river below. It’s a spectacular thing to watch!


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