The Words

… happy new year’s eve …

One of my favorite songs from 2012, which I am sure will be helping bring in the New Year at our house. Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Be fancy, be spontaneous, be comfortable, be with the one you love, just be I guess. So much happened this year,  I might venture to say it was the best I have had.

2012 was the year that…

Clay and I both graduated from college

and were married.

I started this blog,

a new job,

and Clay started his career.

We bought our first house

and our second puppy together.

We visited Thailand,

New York City,

and Costa Rica.

We dreamed of moving away,

ways to make money without having to be apart,

and starting a family.

Can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring!

What were some of your major milestones from 2012?


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