daydreaming // cozy abodes


I often find myself escaping to places like these in my mind. Water seems to be therapeutic for me, I long to be near it. I would love to have a small place on the water someday. Any water, really. A place where we can go, relax, read a good book, think, and nothing else. Phones and laptops will be left at home and the only sound is the water lapping on the shore… and maybe a fire crackling. Yes, a fire must be crackling.

Where is your happy place? Where does your daydreaming mind take you?



  1. Ember says

    All of those homes look like somewhere I want to be too! Make it happen, don’t let it slip away! If it is your goal, start now!

  2. says

    Justin wants a cabin, i want a beach house in Massachusetts, so i told him i would compromise and have a cottage on the lake in the mountains..
    its just a pretend compromise cause i would be just as happy with that as a beach house in Massachusetts :)

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