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thankfuls @ christmas time

Headed Somewhere Blog I came across this list of things I am grateful for that I must have written 1. around Thanksgiving time, 2. In my sleep because I hardly remember writing these, and 3. at a time when I must have been thankful for my ability to bring children into this world as it was stashed under my 11 baby girl names and 3 baby boy names I have saved, all of which I just can’t seem to part with. (I must be doomed to 11 girls and 3 boys. There is no other way around picking just 2.. or 3… or 4 names.) ANYWAY. It doesn’t seem wrong to be posting my thankfuls after thanksgiving, because after all, shouldn’t we have thankfulness in our hearts all year round? (And Christmas falls into the Thankful category as well don’t you think?) So here we go. The list I am pretty sure I made, (just not exactly sure when), because everything sounds pretty familiar, pretty accurate, and pretty great. 🙂 and our christmas card to go along with it…. because, why not?

I know I am so blessed in this little life of mine… Sometimes I don’t give gratitude enough for all that I have and WHO I have.

1. I am grateful for a husband who is perfectly perfect for me in every way, who supports every silly idea I have, and who makes me feel like a beautiful, genius of a princess that I most definitely am not.
2. A family who loves me and provides examples daily of how I want to live my life.
3. Friends who I adore and who can take credit for most of the craziest and funniest times in my life and who provide love and support for those late night phone calls about this n that.
4. A place to call home that is cozy and warm.
5. The ability to express myself freely and creatively.
6. A religion that brings me true happiness and helps me see the bigger picture in all things.
7. My puppies, yes, I am so grateful for them.
8. A job, that at times gets tedious, but am grateful to have one.
9. A positive outlook on life brought by the influences of friends and good people surrounding me.
Thank you everyone who supports my ambitions, my goals, and my hobbies. There are so many of you who have influenced my life for the better and who deserve a huge hug and kiss (on the cheek, if preferred.)
photo cred to the beautiful and talented Erin Fonnesbeck with Erin Fonnesbeck Photography

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