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Gifting for women can get complicated… or so men wrongly think. When in reality it is as easy as getting something shiny, glittery, comfy, or that tastes good, and I am sure and women will be as happy as clams. Right? (Clayton, this hint may or may not be for you.)  Men on the other hand… forget it. Much more difficult. I have put together a plethora or great gifting ideas for women (or so I believe they are pretty great :)), that may or may not help you in your ever-so-exhausting-but-oh-so-thrilling-gift-giving-endeavors. Hope this helps! And if not, at least it all looks pretty brought together like this… 🙂

YSL Lip Stain  // 35.00

Agate Coaster Set // $64.00

Brass Arrow Bracelet // 68.00

The Happiness Project // $8.66

Macaroons // $28.00

Throw // 100 eur

Kate Spade ipad Case // $50.00

Lupin Crew Sweater // 54 stg.

Tech Gloves // $41.99

The Sartorialist // 30.00


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