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There are 3 things every woman searches for in her lifetime. The perfect man, the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and the perfect bag. (Yes, I am assuming we are all simple minded and a little shallow.) I am almost there. I have the perfect man. Or close to it. I have definitely found the recipe to the most decadent chocolate chip cookie (thanks erin!), but I was still on the quest for the perfect bag. Ladies and Gents, I believe I have found it. OHHHH MYYYYY GOOOODNESSSSS!!!! Top left. It is perfection. Everything I am looking for in a bag. The removable shoulder strap, the ideal size (so I can pack along as many unnecessary objects as I wish), the rich camel color, the soft leather. I couldn’t take my eyes away! Until the sale ended at midnight, making it too far out of reach. I got a lump in my throat at that moment. Swear.

You will be on my shoulder one day, perfect bag. Promise!

Oh, and everything else at Madewell is amazing too.

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