outfitted: a california winter

1// First, if anyone has any information on this jacket. Please share! Found a pic without a link. Isn’t that the worst!?

2// Quiksilver Third Bay Shirt

3// Monki Vera Cardigan

4// I have no idea where these boots are from. But a little in love.

5// J.Crew Wool Plaid Scarf

6// Camp Buffalo Tee

7// Aritzia Terra Nova Sweater Not just any gray sweater. (I have a thing for gray sweaters.)

8// 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 Hour Bag

It is encouraging to know that this winter may not be spent in Utah: where temps are constantly hollering, “hey, if you go outside your eyes will most likely freeze shut and your toes will fall off.” I am not a winter person. I have so many friends who thrive this time of year looking forward to “shredding” the mountain in fresh “pow” and praying for perfect snow this year. But ever since I gave up my facade of being a board bunny and coming out with the truth that in actuality, I would rather be sitting in the lodge drinking hot choclate, waiting for the next open spa time, I have been a lot more content with myself. It is exhausting pretending to “pray for snow”.

These pieces would fit perfectly into my California Winter wardrobe. I will leave my knee length, fur lined, puffy down jacket in Utah. I won’t be needing it anymore. Pray for SUNSHINE!!

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