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happy . birthday . love

26 years ago today the love of my life was born… along with his twin brother. (Happy Birthday to you too Nathan!) I was still one year out to entering this world… but I am sure I was stoked for him elsewhere. He has stolen my heart and will have it for always.

Happy Birthday to a man who is wise beyond his years, (I see it even if most don’t.), who knows how to fix just about anything but is not stubborn enough to call an expert when he can’t, to a man who makes me feel beautiful even at times when I know I am not, and who has the kindest heart and the most easy going spirit of anyone I have met. Happy Birthday to a man who has grown to be a completely insane dog lover like myself, and one who will have the entire house clean by the time I come home from work. A man who sticks to his word and who’s idea of a perfect birthday is breakfast in bed, and then spending the rest of the day there too. (I am totally okay with this.)

I love you so much Clayton! And am so happy you chose me to spend your life with. XOXO

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