The Words

home is wherever i’m with you

What is home? To me, Home is a little white puppy dog’s face in the window every time I leave and come back. Home is Saturday morning snuggling until usually way too late in the afternoon. Home is piles of laundry that still have not been done and piles of laundry that need to be folded; usually always, because we seem to find things to do that are way more fun than laundry. Home is a collection of grandma’s bottles she found in the desert in the living room and a box grandpa made for me as a child in the dining room. Home is living with a man who wrongfully insists he knows the words to every song, but sings them with such conviction you almost believe him. Home is shoes by the front door, ice cream in the freezer, and usually some sort of baked sweet on the kitchen counter. Home is the unfortunate front lawn that remains defiantly out of control despite all the love, nurturing, and MORE love it has been given; and an even more unfortunate looking chandelier hanging in the entry. Home is loving words from a loving husband making me feel beautiful daily. Home is a stack of cook books in the kitchen I am positive I will never use. Home is a front closet full of tools, tennis rackets, and my crafty supplies. Home is a wooden fence in the backyard built with our own bare hands, and the imperfections that come along with building a fence and not being one hundred percent sure about how to build a fence. Home is a garage that is ALMOST finished and might remain ALMOST finished for another few weeks until it gets unbearably cold and we know that if we don’t finish it now it’ll never be painted. Home is warm baths because we aren’t sure how to turn on the furnace, lots of big blankets consuming our couches, and thick socks covering our toes. Home is a pink robe I insist on wearing after coming home from work. Home is our sanctuary after long days. Although this home may not be home forever, we love this Home because it is our first Home together. And where we started our forever.

What is home to you?

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