good eats // les madeleines

Hayli makes me remember all the things in life I have always wanted. She makes me believe I am creative again and that I once had a dream of opening a little boutique filled with beautiful clothes and pretty stationary. This may happen someday… maybe someday. It was going to be called Composition because we created a composition book together full of everything we loved and all our ideas. Hayli, do you know where that is?! Anyway, I need to remember about once a week. So we have agreed to meet at Les Madeleines every Thursday at 2:30… for some much needed girl time… and  Kouign Aman, an amazing flakey, crispy, glazed pastry that will knock your socks off. I need my socks knocked off at least once a week. Time with Hayli and some Kouign Aman will do it. (Mom, I may have to take you there this weekend!)

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