a tiny little space // new york studio

This has been one of my biggest worries… moving several square feet to just about no square feet at all (this is relating to the possibilities of living in the Big Apple… obviously.) But this little tiny space has swept all the fears out of mind! I love this little space! It is so well put together and feels so cozy. All in all, honestly, it is probably 500 square feet, or LESS! This is craziness. I am realizing how selective one would have to be in deciding what goes into the apartment. You can’t just bring ANYTHING home! It would always have to be “just the perfect thing” because who has space for things that aren’t? And don’t even get my started on the closet…
Anyway, Design Sponge Blog features people’s spaces and the owners tell why they love their places. It’s my favorite series… I love to see how other people live. See HERE!
Estee, this little space is reminding me of your little New York loft… you lucky little chica.

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