good eats: homemade butterfingers

Reggie hoping I will turn away from the goodies long enough for him to snag one while doing the “butterfinger photo shoot”.

I can remember THE day of each year that I walked outside to find a brisk-ness in the air… definitely fall. Last year I was walking out of a asian economics class wishing I had a sweater. The year before that I walked out of my apartment for a run and went back inside for a jacket. Today was that day. I have been waiting for that day. There have been many imposter days that I thought “this is the day”, but then it warmed up to around 90 degrees at 10:00… it wasn’t the day. But today was the day, and I am happy about that.

Yesterday I found a recipe for homemade butterfingers. There were tears shed over these ones. The recipe itself is very easy…

1 package candy corn

1 16 oz jar peanut butter

melted chocolate.

Melt candy corn, add peanut butter, dip in melted chocolate done. They really REALLY do taste like real butterfingers! And they look pretty festive… perfect treat for Halloween!

The tears came during the transfer to the freezer. (This is not necessary and looking back, I don’t even know why I insisted they go in the freezer.) But we did, a corner of wax paper was dropped and some ended up on the floor. Reggie was a happy puppy. Clayton and Reggie were yelling at each other while trying to retrieve the stolen candy from Reggie’s mouth, Reggie was a disaster with chocolate all over his head, paws and mouth, all the candy rolled together on the wax paper, ruining the perfect chocolate drizzles I spent too much time on, and I folded to the fetal position on the tile floor in tears.

I pulled it together after a few minutes, fixed them, and put them in the freezer on a cookie sheet. My reaction was a little dramatic I admit.

These are not worth tears, or even 20 minutes of work… but they are pretty quick (probably 10 minutes) and a fun alternative to the traditional wrapped Halloween candy!

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